Body Comp Challenge

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Three times a year (spring, summer, fall) Go Primal Fitness conducts a 10-14 week Body Composition Challenge. The Body Comp Challenge is a “health-first” approach to fat loss.

It includes pre- and post body fat measurements, a 15-minute consult with Coach Chris, several online lectures, tons of support documents, and a private facebook group. The individual (male or female) who loses the most body fat relative to where they started wins a free six-month unlimited membership. You do not have to be a member of the gym to participate or win.

The Body Comp Challenge was created to educate participants on the principles that govern healthy fat loss.

There are literally tens of thousands of books written on nutrition and fat loss—so many it’s hard to distinguish the good from the bad, or decide which way of eating is best for YOU.

The Body Comp Challenge sets the record straight. This is not a magical 12-week transformation, although they do happen. This program is about playing the long-game, getting healthy, feeling amazing, prioritizing the process, being consistent, and putting in the time and energy required to create lasting change.

Upcoming Challenges

Fall ’19

Deadline to Register:
Registration Closed

Spring ’20

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Registration Closed

Summer ’20

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Starting the Challenge

Once registered we will call you to schedule a 15-minute consult with Coach Chris to discuss training, set your starting calories and macronutrients, measure your body fat, and answer any questions you might have about the contest.


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