12.1.11 Interval

Run 3 big laps (easy pace)
“Ranger Runs”
Run with 60# Sandbag (dropping the bag is NOT an option)
3 sets each player
45s each station, 15s Transition:
Rope Pull/Sprint
Airdyne @ >400 watts
FLR on Rings
Burpee/Broad Jumps (minimum of 30m)
Tire Flip Jump in/out (1:1)
Mountain Climbers
Rest Station
4 rounds
Cool Down
Steve G.
Lourdes M.
Sandra S.
Janell B.
Dana K.
Tammi J.
Jamie Bald.
May C.
Ni c T.
Katie M.
Kristin T.
Michael S.
Elizabeth F.
Keith S.
Christian B.
Keith M.
Niko M.
Stacey T,
Alana G.
Kara S.
Susan S.
Marissa F.
Rob S.
Erica G.
Ashley C.
Jim C.
Lizzy M.
Tim B.
Marcus W.
James R.
Monica M.
Robert A. Y.
Erin E.
Rob E.
Kim B.
Wlises M.
Ashley T.
Sky J.
Britni P.
Coach’s Comments
I adopted the “Ranger Run” from the Army Ranger Boot Camp. The only difference is the Rangers had to march 30 miles on foot with a 60# pack in full gear after 24 straight hours of training and 2 hours of sleep. I told the guys today they had it easy.


A little competitiveness pushes everyone. We told Tree to catch Christian and we told Christian not to get caught. Either way we get more out of everyone.


The “sprint” portion of the Rope Pull/Sprint is what you make of it. The athlete should always sprint as fast as possible to maximize gains.


A heart rate of 180 bpm makes the FLR poriton of this circuit particularly challenging.