1.23.12 Power Endurance

Run a couple laps, get loose
5 Minute Each Stations:
Station #1:
300m Ski +
15x KBS
Max rounds
Rest 2 minutes
Station #2
15m Sled Push +
15m Lunge +
15m Burpee/Broad Jump (w/DBs)
Max rounds
Rest 2 minutes
Station #3
“Active Recovery” MB Tosses (in preparation for Row TT)
Station #4
Row (max meters)
Rest 2 minutes
Station #5
15m Farmer’s Carry +
15m Sprint (w/rope) +
15m Rope Pull/Sprint +
15m Rope Pull +
15m Farmer’s Carry +
30s Dead Hang
Max rounds
Rest 2 minutes
Station #6:
“Active Recovery” MB Tosses (in preparation for Airdyne TT)
Station #7
Airdyne (max calories)
Station #8
4x TGU +
20x Split Jumps
Max rounds
Cool Down
Victor R.
Beau C.
Jamie Berk
Tony H.
Andy L.
Jamie Bald.
Keith M.
Renate L.
Fiona M.
Kain O.
Newell F.
Kara S.
Anna S.
Jordan C.
Chad G.
Courtney T.
Rachel S.
Erin R.
Joe L.
Brandi S.
Wlises M.
Faun C.
Nicole M.
Nancy W.
Ellen L.
Kathie T.
Talia K.
Jill P.
Cindy B.
Margaret F.
Michelle K.
Alana G.
Niko M.
Ashley T.
Rob J.
Erin E.
Kelli V.
Susan S.
Will B.
Scott S.
Rebecca P.
Oliver M.
Bobby M.
Renee S.
Michele C.
Robin M.
Amber C.
Byron D.
Erica G.
Valerie B.
Stephen C.
Cate M.
Haani J.
Jen H.
Jim C.
Marcus W.
Rob S.
Aubrey H.
Nicole B.
Susan K.
Lizzy M.
Ashley C.
Tracy T.
Katie W.
Shari O.
Lori B.
Miguel R.
Rob O.
Tom R.
James B.
Adriana R.
Diana R.
Darin J.
Chrishna J.
Nic B.
Kim B.
Tanya H.
Leah Z.
Natalie M.
Raja S.
Coach’s Comments
 I posted a new blog entry on the homepage. You can check that out here.
Also, I’ve attached a very interesting study on the relationship between sleep and Body Mass Index (BMI). Although BMI is a weak indicator of overall health, this particular study does make a case for getting more sleep to lose body fat. You can read the study here.