2.4.12 Power Endurance, Strength

Workout 1
Medicine Ball Bear Crawl
30m Bear Crawl (no weight)
30m @ 15#
30m @ 20#
30m @ 25#
30m @ 40#
Ball Slam/Burpee
10 each @15#
6 each @ 25#
6 each @ 40#
Between each set do 20x Airsquats + 7x Pull-ups
2-minutes of Sandbag Clean and Jerk (player must drop the bag after each rep)
Slosh Pipe OH Hold
Rest 1 minute
2-minutes of  Wall Ball
Rest 1 minute
2-minutes of KBS
Rest 1 minute
2-minutes of  Airdyne
Rest 1 minute
Cool Down
 Joey G.
Michelle A.
Nicole B.
Kian O.
Katie W.
Ellen L.
Kara S.
Robin M.
Ashley C.
Latissa H.
Jamie Bald.
Shari O.
Tracy T.
Margaret F.
Cindy B.
Laura N.
Lavinia D.
Joshua C.
Susan S.
Kevin S.
Carol S.
Britni P.
Aubrey H.
Chrissy VD.
Leah Z.
Aldo P.
Crystal S.
Workout 2
Practice Rope Climb
3x Power Clean +
3x Front Squat +
3x Jerk +
1x Rope Climb
Two Sets @ 95#
Two Sets @ 115#
Two Sets @ 135#
Two Sets @ 185#
Rest plenty between sets
Work up to 1RM Bench Press
Bench Press @ 60% 1RM + Burpee
10/1, 9/2, 8/3, 7/4, 6/5, 5/6, 4/7. 3/8. 2/9, 1/10
Cool Down
1RM Bench Press:
Bobby M. – 305# PR
Chris W. – 295# PR
Niko M. – 215# PR
Rob S. – 260#
Will B. – 180#
Coach’s Comments
I was less than thrilled with the performance from this Saturday. Maybe I’m getting less patient as I get older, but I thought the energy and focus of both groups was shit. This is one of the reasons I sometime dislike doing things for time, especially multiple things. I feel it gets people focusing on the wrongs things. Form breaks down, everything starts getting sloppy, and my patience gets less and less.
One thing was clear though, we need more work on Wall Ball. It is a major eye sore. I could have spent the entire workout over in the corner yelling at athletes “performing” Wall Ball. I’m about to put together a series of demonstration videos and you can bet that Wall Ball will be the first one made.
The Slosh Pipe was another surprise. I had full grown men struggling to hold a 20# piece of PVC over their head for 120s. Pathetic.
I also have to figure out a better way to pack these sandbags. It seems like no matter what I put in there or how it’s wrapped they always leak. As much as I love the demands of sandbag training it’s almost not worth it because it takes my thirty minutes to clean up afterwards.
This is nothing but a rant. Next week I hope for more focus. The theme of this year is “Next Level.” I’m going to be pushing and demanding more from everyone. Simply showing up at the gym 2-3x/week is not good enough anymore. You have to be willing to move yourself forward. I for one will accept nothing less.