2.8.12 Strength Endurance

Hip Mobility Work (i.e. Paleo Chair, Hip Stretches on box, etc.)
Kettlebell Work (M@ 30-35#, F@15-25#):
60s ATW +
60s Figure 8’s +
60s Snatch (each arm) +
60s Box Jump OR Step-up (No KB)
2 consecutive rounds
Work up/Warm-up on Front Squat
7x Front Squat (“ass to grass”) +
400m Run
(Male / Female Standard)
Two sets @ 95# / 45#
Two sets @ 135# / 65#
Two sets @ 185# / 75#
Two sets @ 225# / 95#
Two sets @ 255# / 105#
Rest plenty between sets, especially as load increases
70 total reps of front squat
Cool Down
Tony H.
Beau C.
Erica G.
Tammi J.
Victor R. (sub KBs)
Lourdes M.
Keith M.
Renate L.
Richard G.
Andrew L.
Keith S.
Greg Y.
Jamie B.
Chloe W.
Graham P.
Natalie M.
Courtney T.
Erin R.
Jordan C.
Joshua C.
Kelly W.
Kathie T.
Talia K.
Nancy W.
Rachel S.
Cindy B.
Robin M.
Margaret F.
Michele E.
Jill P.
Alana G.
Michelle K.
Jason A.
Lavinia D.
Jamie Bald.
Kara S.
Byron D.
Susan S.
Rob J.
Timo C.
Nicole C.
Rebecca P.
Erin E.
Tim B.
Renee S.
Scott S.
Katie M.
Michele C.
Crystal S.
Amber C.
Will B.
Cate M.
Seth L.
Jim C.
Wlises M.
Leah Z.
Ale P.
Elise L.
Tiffany R.
Evan J.
James B.
Nic B.
Cynthia P.
Marsi B.