2.20.12 Power Endurance

MB Tosses @ 15-30#, 30s each:
Oblique (R)
Oblique (L)
Chest Pass
2-3 rounds (depending on how good it looks. Shitty = additional round)
FLR (rings or floor)
Every 10s do 1x Push-up
Rest 60s
3 sets
10x TGU @ 30# +
4x (30/30) Burpee, “rest” in FLR +
8x TGU @ 40# +
4x (30/30) Ball Slam, “rest” in Rack Position +
6x TGU @ 50# +
4x (30/30) Split Jump, actual rest +
4x TGU @ 60# +
4 (30/30) DB Push Press, “rest” in OH Hold Position (if you lack thoracic mobility, rest at shoulder level) +
2x TGU @ 70# +
4x (30/30) KBS, “rest” Holding KB in Dead Hang Position (two hand MUST remain on KB at all times)
Cool Down
Beau C.
Xeve S.
Jarrod W.
Cristian A.
Kevin G.
Jamie Bald.
Jenn D.
Fiona M.
Billy S.
Keith M.
Kara S.
Victor R.
Katie M.
Jamie Berk
Nicole M.
Christian B.
Andrew R.
Kian O.
Chad G.
Kristen B.
Alana G.
Jordan C.
Rachel S.
Shari O.
Marsi B.
Lelia G.
Seth L.
Bobby M.
Jill P.
Faun C.
Margaret F.
Cindy B.
Michelle K.
Valarie B.
Talia K.
Nancy W.
Jason V.
Rob J.
Preeti J.
Adriana R.
Ellen L.
Susan S.
Diana R.
John C.
Will B.
Rebecca P.
Byron D.
Michele C.
Patrick N.
Toni A.
Susan K.
Renee S.
Scott S.
Cate M.
Vince C.
Chris W.
Tony H.
Aubrey H.
Jim C.
Tom R.
Ashley C.
Nicole B.
Tanya H.
Graham P.
Rob S.
Rob O.
Ashley M.
Amber C.
Marcus W.
Chrissy VD.
Catherine D.
Nic B.
Wayne C.
Darin J.
Chrishna J.
Cynthia P.
Rob E.
Carol S.
Steve G.
Debra H.
Naomi E.
Coach’s Comments
I’ll be deep in the jungles of Costa Rica this week really ‘going primal.’ While I’m gone pay attention, be on time, train hard, and take care of yourselves. The programs are repeat programs with slight tweaks, but will serve as a reminder that repetition is the mother of mastery.
There will be no web posts this week either. Check out my Facebook page for up-to-date pics. See you next Tuesday.