3.6.12 Power Endurance, Interval

Workout 1
Bulgarian Bag Drills to warm-up
45s Work, 15s Transition
Row @ sub 1:50/500m pace
Mountain Climber
Ski Erg @ sub 2:00/500m pace
Wall Sit
Tire Flip (Jump in/out)
Ball Slam/Barrier Hop
5 rounds (first round @ 85%, last rounds much harder)
Cool Down
Beau C.
Wayne C.
Tammi J.
Preeti J.
Robyn S.
Xeve S.
Jarrod W.
Matthew F.
Fiona M.
Erica J.
Keith M.
Timothy D.
Richard G.
Hebah F.
Latissa H.
Rachel S.
Byron Y.
Jamie Bald. 
Talia K.
Susan S.
Kelli V.
Carol S.
Patricia A.
Bob R.
Wlises M.
Nicole P.
John C.
Chrissy VD.
Shari O.
Lourdes M.
Jim C.
Marcus W.
Andrew M.
Tom R.
Ashley C.
Beau W.
Lizzy M.
Ale P.
Nic B.
Evan J.
Catherine D.
James B.
Steve G.
Marsi B.
Kim B.
Stephanie F.
Raja S.
Cynthia P.
Workout 2
Get warm
Snatch + SA OHS + SOTS Press Combo
4 reps each side = 1 set
Do 3 sets (warm-up pace)
Between sets do Band and Spinal Mobility Work
Warm-up OHS 
Series #1
24-15-9 (Snatch BB into OH position)
24x OHS @ 95# +
400m Run +
15x OHS @ 95# +
400m Run
9x OHS @ 95#
400m Run
Rest 5 minutes
Series #2
24-15-9 (Clean BB into catch position)
24x Front Squats @ 135# +
400m Run +
15x Front Squats @ 135# +
400m Run +
9x Front Squats @ 135# +
400m Run 
Rest 5 minutes
Series #3
24-15-9 (may use rack)
24x Back Squat @ BW +
400 Run +
15x Back squat @ BW +
400m Run +
9x Back Squat @ BW +
400m Run
Cool Down
Byron D.
James R.
Christian B.
Nicole B.
Kian O.
Niko M. – Happy 24th Birthday!
Coach’s Comments
I tricked the advanced barbell group this afternoon. Earlier in the week I posted the workout for tonight for them to see. When they all arrived at the gym they discovered it had been changed. I don’t know exactly why I changed it, only that I felt compelled to keep them guessing. There’s something to be said about mentally preparing yourself for one thing only to find out at the last minute that your task is different. I think it keeps them honest, unable to apply strategy. Real fitness demands such an approach. 















































Nothing creates an O2 demand like the Ball Slam/Barrier Hop.