3.13.12 Power Endurance, Power

Workout 1 
5 minute row, ride, run
KB Shuttle (M@30-40#, F@15-25#):
1st minute do 15m KB Shuttle (1 lap)
2nd minute do 30m KB Shuttle (2 laps)
3rd minute do 45m KB Shuttle (3 laps)
Continue for 10 minutes or until player cries “uncle”
KB Circuit:
60s RTW (switch directions at 30s) +
60s Figure 8 +
60s Snatch (each arm) +
60s Step-up @ 16-24″ (no KB)
Three Rounds (M @ 30-40#, F@15-25#)
Work up to 1RM TGU (no more than 3 sets)
“7-Minutes in Hell” – TGUs (max reps) @ 80% 1RM TGU
Record reps
Then (immediately, M@40-50#, F@25-35#):
KBS + 400m Run (perform all rounds outside)
Cool Down
Richard G.
Katy R.
Beau C.
Hebah F.
Xeve S.
Wlises M.
Fiona M.
Layne N.
Tim D.
Erica J.
Tammi J.
Keith M.
Chandler B.
Billy S.
Preeti J.
Matthew F.
Jen D.
Latissa H.
Rob J.
Byron Y.
Jason A.
Bob R.
Erin E.
Chrissy VD.
Katie M.
Kara S.
John C.
Nicole P.
Kelli V.
Susan S.
Gisela T.
Tanya H.
Crystal S.
Andrew M.
Tracy T.
Jim C.
Ashley C.
Marcus W.
Rachel S.
Evan J.
Shari O.
Dmitri M.
Lavina D.
Neil E.
Naomi E.
Stephanie F.
Britni P.
Darin J.
Chrishna J.
Diana R.
Raja S.
Tiffany R. 
Workout 2
Shoulder Mobility Work
4×5 DB SOTS Press/OHS Combo
Snatch + OHS + Hang Snatch
Once every minute
Minutes 1-4 @ 95#/65#
Minutes 5-8 @ 115#/75#
Minutes 9-12 @ 135#/85#
Warm-up Back Squats
400m Run +
Max Back Squats @ BW (unbroken)
4 sets
Rest 3-5 minute between sets
“Airdyne to Hell” 
P1 50 Calorie Sprint
P2 Rest
Switch, continue to 10 cals
Cool Down
Total Back Squat Reps:
Joe L. @ 200# – 45 reps
Chris W. @ 175# – 83 reps
Niko M. @ 175# – 70 reps
Wayne C. @ 225# – 22 reps
Jen H. @ 115# – 62 reps
Nicole B. @ 125# – 21 reps 
Byron D. @ 195# – 110 reps
Bobby M.@ 185# – 28 reps
Katie W. @ 125# – 40 reps
Rob S. @ 200# – 57 reps
Rob E. @ 185# – 72 reps
James R. @ 170# – 40 reps
Coach’s Coments

When doing RTW (short for “round the waist”) try to keep the arms straight and move the body in opposition to the bell. In other words, when the bell is right, shift slightly left and vice versa. Head up, chest up, stay square. Oh, and keep the feet just under the hips…not too wide.