3.14.12 Power Endurance

2×20 Squats
2×10 Dislocates
2×10 Push-ups
3×5 Tuck Jump
Skill Practice: Toes-to-Bar
Close-Grip Bench Press @ 4010 Tempo
Between each set do 15x Squats + 10x Burpee + 5x Pull-ups (grip variation)
Cool Down
Xeve S.
Michelle A.
Jarrod W.
Beau C.
Ellen L.
Ashley C.
Kian O.
Chris S.
Tammi J.
Keith S.
Keith M.
Greg Y.
Tony H.
Jamie G.
Seth L.
Jordan C.
Kevin G.
Chad G.
Renate L.
John C.
Graham P.
Natalie M.
Erin R.
Lisa E.
Brandi S.
Kelly W.
Maria U.
Kara S.
Jill P.
Cindy B.
Valerie B.
Michele E.
Rachel S.
Nancy W.
Michelle K.
Rob J.
Patrick N.
Oliver M.
Jamie Bald. 
Beth E.
Talia K.
Jason V.
Joshua C.
Shari O.
Scott S.
Renee S.
Cedric J.
Susan K.
Nicole B.
Anya B.
Ale P.
Tim B.
Jim C.
Amber C.
Carol S.
Beau W.
Marcus W.
Lourdes M.
Adriana R.
Marsi B.
Darren B.
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Everyone loves bench day. Despite how much shit I give outsiders for always doing bench press, the reality is it’s a great upper body developer. Problems arise however when it becomes the only major lift you do. When your bench press trumps your deadlift you’re in a bad place. 

For close-grip work we use a bi-acromial grip. That is, to standardize the position of the hands on the bar, place them at a position where the index fingers are vertically aligned with the acromion. This places added stress on the triceps and is more “functional” in my opinion.

Practicing Toes-To-Bar.