3.16.12 Power Endurance

300x Rope Skip
Practice Toes-to-Bar
400m Sprint +
12x Push Press @ 95# +
15x Box Jump @ 24″ +
20x Wall Ball @ 12# +
60s Rest
4 rounds 
30m Lunge (Hold KB in FC position) + 8-1 Toes-to-Bar (TTB)
Looks like…
30m Lunge + 8x TTB +
30m Lunge + 7x TTB +
30m Lunge + 6x TTB
Continue to 1x TTB
4x 20s Frog Hop (must jump at least 12″)
3x 30s Split Jump (unbroken)
2x 40s Burpee 
Rest as needed between intervals
All intervals must be unbroken (i.e. nonstop)
Stopping = 25 cals on Airdyne for each infraction.
Beau C.
Misti W.
Xeve S.
Cristian A.
Kevin G.
Fiona M.
Keith M.
Greg Y.
Ellen L.
Lourdes M.
Katie M.
Keith S.
Latissa H.
Graham P.
Tony H.
Jen H.
Seth L.
Chad G.
Rachel S.
Joe L.
Kian O.
Nicole M.
Joshua C.
Rob J.
Lelia G.
Kathie T.
Naomi E.
Cindy B.
Michele E.
Britni P.
Ashley M.
Erin R.
Brandi S.
Lavinia D.
Valerie B.
Talia K.
Jason A.
Katy R.
Layne N.
Leah Z.
Bobby M.
Erica J.
Renate L.
Nicole C.
Nancy W.
Darin J.
Chrishna J.
Kelli V.
Kristen B.
Cedric J.
Stephanie F.
Carol S.
Erica G.
Erin E.
Adriana R.
Shari O.
Scott S.
Jim C.
Amber C.
Miguel R.
Marcus W.
Tanya H.
Jamie Bald.
Mike G.
Ale P.
Nicole P.
Crystal S.
Karelys M.
Nic B.
Neil E.
Diana R.
Coach’s Comments
I think this week’s FYF lived up to the hype. We broke those new shirts in proper! Great work everyone.

Load then explode. Repeat for 12 reps.

At first glance Wall Ball looks like a simple movement. However, when you break it down it’s fairly complex. Deep squat, explode upwards to release the ball, hit a target exactly 10′ high, and contact the wall just enough to allow the ball to fall perfectly back into your hands…all in rhythm. Not so simple.

A proper finish.

Darin was wondering why he didn’t have a picture on the website. Here you go buddy. Lookin good!