3.17.12 Power Endurance, Strength

Workout 1
5×1 minute Row/Ride/Ski (start slow, increase speed each set)
Rest while other player goes
2×10 Wall Squat
3x(5/5/5) Shoulder Dislocate/OHS/SOTS Press Combo
3×6 Deck Squat
2×10 Narrow-Grip w/Dowel
5x (30s Ball Slam + 30s “rest” in rack position)
Rest 2 minutes
5x (30s KBS + 30s “rest” holding KB in Dead Hang position)
5x (30s Mountain Climber + 30s “rest” in FLR position)
Cool Down
Jamie S.
Lisa W.
Katy R.
Renate L.
Kara S.
Andrew M.
Rob E.
Ellen L.
Layne N.
Nicole P.
Naomi E.
Susan S.
Ashley M.
Erin E.
Bobby M.
Byron Y.
Nic B.
Tracy T.
Kelly W.
Aubrey H.
Margaret F.
Ty T.
Rachel S.
Workout 2
CF Games WOW 12.4
12 minute running clock, do as many reps/rounds as possible of… 
150x Wall Ball (M@ 20#, F @14#) +
90x Double Unders +
30s Muscle-ups
Cool Down
Byron D. – 258 reps
Chris W. – 253 reps
Jen H. – 241 reps
Niko M. – 246 reps
James R. – 240 reps
Kian – 198 reps
Rob S. – 253 reps
Coach’s Comments

Byron is built to lift heavy shit. I’m not sure he’s every done Overhead Squats. Today he hoisted up 135 for doubles.

Going into today I was not planing to do the workout. My neck was simply too injured. After watching Byron, Rob, Jen, and Kian I become so inspired I threw myself into the fire. Glad I did.

Byron did 258 reps today. He’s efficient, strong, and possesses few weakness.

We haven’t done OHS in months. It’s eye opening for many. Overhead Squats always highlight mobility issues, whether in the hips, spine or shoulders. Today I instructed everyone to keep the loads light and focus on the intricacies of the movement. Jamie is a former personal training and moves quite well.