3.19.12 Power Endurance

Throw Medicine Balls (various) 
DB Complex, 6 each (to warm-up):
Biceps Curl +
Hi-Pull +
Bent-Over Row +
Thruster +
Push-up +
Pull-up (jump pull-up for most)
3 rounds = 1 set
Do 2 sets
“High Density Method” 25-15-5
“Push” Circuit
25x Push-ups (Chest MUST touch the floor) +
15x Floor Press +
5x Dips (or ring dips)
3 sets
Rest 3-5 minutes between sets
“Pull” Circuit
25x KBS +
15x Pull-ups (or jump pull-ups for most) +
5x DL 
4 sets
Rets 3-5 minutes between each set
Cool Down
Coach’s Comments
Xeve S.
Chad G.
Kian O.
Ellen L.
Katy R.
Layne N.
Victor R.
Kevin G.
Fiona M.
Cristian A.
Jarrod W.
Katie M.
Keith M.
Renate L.
Jason V.
Alana G.
Erin E.
Rachel S.
Jordan C.
Margaret F.
Erin R.
Nicole M.
Jamie Bald.
Talia K.
Kara S.
Kathie T.
Michelle K.
Cindy B.
Nancy W.
Chloe W.
Rob J.
Oliver M.
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Erica G.
Lavinia D.
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Ashley C.
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Aubrey H.
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Amber C.
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Tanya H.
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Miguel R.
Elizabeth F.
Marcus W.
Mary S.
John V.
Marsi B.
Leah Z.
Debra H.
Naomi E.
Rob E.
Carol S.
Catherine D.
Raja S.
Natalie M.
Ashley T.
Tiffany R.
Nicole C.

High Density Method is intended for fast gains in muscle mass. Oh, and it humbles the shit out of you too.

Just a cool pic.

The warm-up doesn’t always have to be complex. Just throwing a heavy ball back and forth in various ways in often enough to “wake things up.”