3.23.12 Power Endurance

Run 1200m 
Locomotor Warm-up
“Ball Slam Lottery”
Coach yells out reps at random every minute on the minute for 10 minutes
For example…
1st Minute – 10 Ball Slams
2nd Minute – 14 Ball Slams
3rd Minute – 5 Ball Slams, etc…
Remaining time in the minute after all reps have been completed is rest
45s Work, 15s Transition
Whipsmash (as explosive singles)
Reverse Plank
Wall Ball (10′ target)
Bulgarian Bag Halos (7:7)
Burpee/Barrier Hop
Rest Station
3-4 rounds
Cool Down 
Robert M.
Robyn S.
Beau C. 
Cristian A.
Nicole B.
Lourdes M.
Andrew L.
Billy S. 
Chad G.
Ellen L.
Victor R.
Keith S.
Jennifer B.
Greg Y.
Tony H.
Sara Y.
Renate L.
Rachel S.
Jordan C.
Erin R. 
Rob J.
Newell F.
Nicole M.
Seth L.
Kara S.
Lelia G.
Erica J.
Talia K.
Valerie B.
Kathie T.
Cindy B.
Michele E.
Wlises M.
Jamie B.
Jason A.
Erin E.
Kelli V.
Britni P.
Darin J.
Chrishna J.
Susan s.
Ashley M.
Nicole C.
Joshua C.
Kristen B.
Lavinia D.
Michelle K.
Shari O.
Miguel R.
Jim C.
Renee S.
Scott S.
Amber C.
Marcus W.
Bryan C.
Crystal S.
Katie W.
Tom R.
Alejandro P.
Debra H.
Neil E.
Marsi B.
James B.
Adriana R.
Nicholas B.
Diana R.
Coach’s Comments

The new tanks are looking good.

The Ball Slam Lottery was conceived in Costa Rica. I re-named it “Chris is an asshole” because I felt like one. Needless to say I made it difficult.

The reverse plank made an appearance today. Anytime an athlete is facing the ceiling without support they should place their tongue on the roof of their mouth to help stabilize the head. For so many holding their head up is the hardest part because they have a weak neck.