3.24.12 Power Endurance

Workout 1
15x Airsquats +
10x Jump Squats +
5x Tuck Jumps +
30s Rest 
2 sets
3x15m Lunge + SL Balance + SLDL (BW, 20#, 30-40#)
3x15m OH Lunge (with 25-45# plate)
3×15 SL Off-Box Squats @ 12-24″
2×15 RDL (to get loose)
15m of 3x RDL + 3 Steps +
Max Dead Hang (<30s = immediate 20 cal ALL-OUT sprint on Airdyne)
4 sets
Rest plenty between sets
BB Russian Twist (L&R = 1 rep) + 30s FLR
10/30s, 9/30s, 8/30s, 7/30s, 6/30s, 5/30s, 4/30s, 3/30s, 2/30s, 1/30s
Cool Down
Jill P.
Miguel R.
Andrew L.
Shari O.
Tracy T.
James B.
Nicole P.
Ashley C.
Ellen L.
Amber C.
Darren B.
Raja S.
Byron Y.
Cedric J.
Robert AY.
Bryan C.
Jamie S.
Elizabeth F.
Kelly W.
Holli S.
Laura N.
Ashley M.
Workout 2
CF Games WOW 12.5
7-minute running clock, ascend the ladder as far as possible
BB Thrusters @ 100# + Pull-ups
Record total reps
Cool Down
Results (see our results here)
Chris W. 
Kian O.
Rob S.
Jen H.
James R.
Byron D.
Coach’s Comments

The bottom position of one of many Thrusters. I felt good today. The last five weeks have been challenging, introspective, and motivating. Even in that small amount of time we all have made HUGE improvement. Next year should be very interesting.

Jen finding the clock during her Thruster/Pull-up workout yesterday. It’s the best I’ve seen her do that movement.

The RDL/Step/Dead Hang Combo was a grip challenge to say the least. Everyone was motivated to get at least 30s on the Dead Hang for fear of having to do the Airdyne. Sometimes all we need is a little motivation.

I chose Neutral grip Pull-ups. Glad I did. I think they complimented the Thrusters better. Different grip, different muscles.