3.26.12 Power Endurance

3×5 Wall Squats
3x (30 Work/30s Rest) Squats
3×6 Deck Squats
Warm-up Back Squats
10x Back Squats +
20x KB Swing +
30x Push-ups +
2 minute Rest
4 Rounds 
Sprint 20 Calories on Airdyne OR 15 Calories on the Ski Erg/Rower +
10 Pull-ups +
Run 400m +
10 Burpees +
60s seconds rest
4-5 rounds (depending on time)
Cool Down
Jamie Berk
Beau C.
Cristian A.
Michelle A.
Kevin G.
Ellen L.
Keith S.
Kian O.
Victor R.
Chad G.
Preeti J.
Tony H.
Graham P.
Renate L.
Margaret F.
Rachel S.
Jordan C.
Erin R.
Lelia G.
Nicole M.
Talia K.
Ashley M.
Jason V.
Bobby M.
Kathie T.
Erica J.
Cindy B.
Jill P.
Michelle K.
Nicole C. 
Rob J.
Erin E.
Jason A.
Diana R.
Adriana R.
Susan S.
Will B.
Lavinia D.
Tim B.
Scott S.
Renee S.
Carol S.
Jamie Bald.
Laura N.
Patrick N.
Latissa H.
Cate M.
Fiona M.
Shari O.
Andrew M.
Tanya H.
James R.
Susan K.
Jim C.
Amber C.
Ashley C.
Tom R.
Miguel R.
Robert O.
Leah Z.
Marcus W.
Mary S.
Neil E.
Steve G.
John V.
Cedric J.
Raja S.
Tiffany R.
Debra H.
Britni P.
Chrissy VD.
Natalie M.
Darin J.
Chrishna J.
Nic B.
Coach’s Comments
I posted a “How to” video on Squats in the Exercise Library section of the site. You can view it here.

I’ve been using Deck Squats in our warm-ups. I find they’re very effective for opening the hips in preparation for either Front Squats, Back Squats, OHS, or even DLs. Use the KB for momentum and leverage. I prefer to break it into two parts: 1.) Get to your feet, 2.) Bring the bell to the chest (cleaning up your posture) before you stand.


It’s important to have enough humility to act like a beginner in a lift that is a weakness. Throwing a bunch of weight on the bar and neglecting the finer points of the movement is a waste of time. I am constantly telling our athletes, if the weight affects your ability to travel through a full range of motion it is too heavy. There is much more to be gained by combining strength AND mobility.