3.27.12 Power Endurance, Strength

Workout 1
Shoulder Mobility Work (5-8 minutes)
Warm-up with various OH Carries
10-minutes of…
Cradle Carry
Awkward (L up, R down)
Awkward (R up, L down)
KB Push Press + Dead Hang
25x /75s, 20x/60s, 15x/45s, 10x/30s, Max Reps/Max Time
5x Pull-up +
10x Push-up +
15x Squat
10 rounds (not for time)
Cool Down with Slosh Pipe Work
 Xeve S.
Beau C.
Bobby M.
Jarrod W.
Niko M.
Tammi J.
Katy R.
Layne N.
Keith M.
Rob S.
Erica J.
Fiona M.
Kian O.
Chandler B.
Kelli V.
Jen H.
Erica G.
Latissa G.
Jennifer D.
Rob J.
Jason A.
Erin E.
Byron Y.
Debbie B.
Michelle K.
Katie M.
Kara S.
John C.
Michele E.
Nicole P.
Jill P.
Susan S.
Will B.
Susan K.
Britni P.
Kristen B.
Catherine D.
Gisela T.
Jim C.
Tracy T.
Ashley C.
Rachel S.
Marcus W.
Lavinia D.
Stephanie F.
Robert AY.
Raja S.
Tiffany R.
Chrissy VD.
Diana R.
Adriana R.
Evan J.
Nic B.
Workout 2
Work up 1RM BB TGU
Record totals
Work up to 5RM Bench Press
5×5 Close Grip Bench Press
Chase each set with 15m Heavy DB Burpee/Broad Jumps
Rest 4 minutes between sets 
Cool Down
Chris W. – 155# (gym record)
Kian O. – 95# – PR
Tony H. – 115#
Niko M. – 115# – PR
Rob S. – 115# – PR
Jen H. – 65# – PR
Katie W. 65# – PR
Wayne C. – 95# – PR
Rob E. – 75# – PR
James R. – 115# – PR

We had to coax Rob into going up from 95#. On his first few attempts he had to bail. It definitely messes with your head. The positive benefits of the BB TGU are many, as are the negatives like getting hurt or dropping the bar on your leg, arm, or worse your face.

A lot of push-ups the last two days. 260 to be exact if you factor in burpees.

Niko hitting a PR at 115#.

The warm-up should look, smell, and feel like the work of the day. In this case, I planned a lot of overhead pressing so we warmed up with about 10-minutes of various overhead carries to wake everything up and hammer home proper spinal position.


I keep telling Katie her running is getting in the way of her strength training (jokingly of course). She’s strong and has the ability to get way stronger. To come in and throw up a 65# PR right in the middle of her running season is certainly impressive.