3.28.12 Power Endurance

5 minutes easy row, ride, run
30/15 Jump Warm-up:
Square Left Hop
Square Right Hop
For/Back Hop
Lateral Hop
“X” Jumps (see photos)
Split Jumps
Windmill/Goblet Squat Combo (for mobility)
“Tabata This”
20s Work/10s Rest of the following:
KB Snatch (L) +
KB Snatch (R) +
KB Toe Touch (knock the bell over do 1x burpee on the spot) +
“Jump” Ball Slam +
Lateral Barrier Hop +
Mountain Climbers +
Split Jumps +
Double Unders
8 rounds (consecutive)
Cool Down
Billy S.
Chad G.
Keith M.
Michelle A. (did a TGU workout)
Ellen L.
Tonya T.
Victor R.
Keith S.
Greg Y.
Beau C.
Jamie G.
Graham P.
Tony H.
Sara Y.
Newell F.
Kevin G.
Renate L.
Natalie M.
Seth L.
Jordan C.
Robin M.
Tammi J.
Chrissy VD.
Alana G.
Nancy W.
Maria U.
Kara S.
Margaret F.
Cindy C.
Rachel S.
Kelly W.
Susan S.
Joshua C.
Talia K.
Oliver M.
Jason V.
Lavinia D.
Scott S. 
Renee S.
Patrick N.
Crystal S.
Shari O.
Neil E.
Xeve S.
Chloe W.
Katie W.
Carol S.
Nicole C.
Tim B.
Amber C.
Tom R.
Leah Z.
Bobby M.
Ale P.
Ashley M.
Marcus W.
Cedric J.
Jim C.
Anya B.
John V.
Rob E.
Naomi E.
Nic B.
Darren B.
Coach’s Comments

Everyone bitches about mountain climbers. Why? Because they suck. And the faster you go the more they suck. But their effectiveness is only outshined by their simplicity. Next time you’re looking for something to do on the road try these for 20-30s at a time.

Warming up.