4.2.12 Strength, Power, Power Endurance

2×20 Squats 
4x15m Lunge + Bear Crawl
3×10 Mountain Climbers
3×12 Split Jump
A few Paleo Chairs 
“Leg Day”
5x (each leg) BB Lunge + 
20x “Explosive” Split Jump 
5 sets, rest while another player goes 
5x Back Squat + 
20x “Explosive” Frog Hop + 
5 sets, rest while another player goes 
1 minute “Hard” Airdyne/Row +
2 minute “active recovery” MB Tosses over 8′ Pull-up bar 
4 sets
Cool Down
Keith M.
Jamie Bald.
Bobby M.
Nicole B.
Preeti J.
Andrew L.
Fiona M.
Diane M.
Kara S.
Katie M.
Jamie Berk
Erin R.
Chad G.
Graham P.
Renate L.
Rachel S.
Jordan C.
Cristian A.
Talia K.
Nancy W.
Kathie T.
Jill P.
Margaret F.
Robin M.
Michael S.
Joshua C.
Catherine D.
Oliver M.
Jason A.
Lavinia D.
Rodney J.
Diana R.
Adriana R.
Will B.
Chrissy VD.
Susan S.
Matt R.
Kristen B.
Crysta S.
Tom R.
Erica G.
Bryon D.
Renee S.
Scott S.
Ale P.
Andrew M.
Rob E.
Naomi E.
Ashley C.
Miguel R.
Jim C.
Carol S.
James R.
Rob O.
Tanya H.
Amber C.
Ashley M.
Marcus W.
Tony H.
Robert AY.
Elise L.
Stephanie F.
Wlises M.
Mary S.
Natalie M.
Britni P.
Raja S.
Tiffany R.
Coach’s Comments

The Paleo chair is my way of illustrating who does and does not have the ability to squat deep. I typically use it prior to either front or back squats. As you can see most do have the ability to at least go below parallel, but are fixated on throwing a bunch of weight on the bar and squatting halfway down. I prefer the load be significantly less and moved through a full range. In the end, squatting deep will create more potential for strength, while maintaining/improving mobility at the same time.

We lunge a lot, usually across the floor or with DBs. Having a BB on your back and pushing back to the starting position invites the gluteus and hamstrings in a major way. An emphasis should always be placed on “driving” through the heels and staying upright. Try not to collapse under the weight as you lower into the lunge.

Some people are born to squat. Their hip structure is such that getting deep and being strong in the bottom comes more naturally.

Athlete’s always laugh when I write “active recovery.” They think I’m bullshitting. The reality is moving around between efforts is far superior to sitting still, or worse lying down. I prescribe “active recovery” because I know it works. Today’s was throwing medicine balls over the pull-up bar.