4.3.12 Strength

Throw Medicine Balls
4×10 SA SL KB Press (same leg, same arm)
Close-Grip Bench Press
10-1 Pull-up + 60m Farmer’s Carry
Looks like…
10x Pull-up + 60m Farmer’s Carry 
9x Pull-up + 60m Farmer’s Carry, etc…
4×12 off-set SA KB Press
Beau C.
Cody G.
Rob S.
Byron D.
Kara S.
Nicole B.
Wlises M.
Katy R.
Layne N.
Tammi J.
Niko M.
Holli S.
Keith M.
Jamie Bald.
Jen H.
Jen B.
Latissa H.
Cedric J.
Jason V.
Byron Y.
Erica G.
Talia K.
Drew D.
James B.
Jason A.
Britni P.
Will B.
Chrissy VD.
Susan S.
Joshua C.
Aubrey H.
Kristen B.
Tracy T.
Tom R.
Ashley C.
Jim C.
Rachel S.
Marcus W.
Neil E.
Robert AY.
John V.
Raja S.
Diana R.
Workout 2
Get warm (do a couple hundred Double Unders)
Hip Mobility (various, 8-10 minutes)
2×10 Snatch-Grip DL
Snatch-Grip DL
Increase load every couple sets
Finish with 2-3 heavy sets
Man-Maker Progression
20x @ BW (i.e. regular burpees, jump 6″ off gound)
Rest a bit
12x DB Man-Maker @ 2×25# DBs
Rest a bit
10x DB Man-Maker @ 2×35# DBs
Rest a bit
8x DB Man-Maker @ 2×45# DBs
Rest a bit
60s Rack Hold @ 3/4 BW
When complete go back through again from the bottom up (8 reps, 10 reps, etc.)
Cool Down
Chris W.
Jen H.
Tony H.
Joe L.
Rob S.
Rob E.
Katie W.
Coach’s Comments
We signed the contract today for the next phase of the website. In about 3 months each of you will have individual profile pages complete with a personal photo, auto-populated benchmark stats (Maxes, Work capacity, Named Workouts), your most recent workouts, a place for personal notes/goals, and the ability to book classes directly from your profile page. 
The login on the homepage will finally be operative and will take you to a landing page where you can either view your profile (personal stats), watch the most recently posted video, blog entry, or workout. Either way it will be easier to navigate the site, view content, and book classes.
On a side note I posted a new “How to” video on Wall Ball. You can view here.