4.5.12 Power Endurance, IWT

Workout 1
Shoulder/Hip Mobility (Locomotor, Paleo Chair, Band Work) ~ 10 minutes
BB Complex (top to bottom):
5x Strict Press/Push Press +
5x Push Jerk +
5x Front Squat +
5x RDL
3 sets (stay light, form emphasis)
Phase I
5x BB Jerk +
60s All-out Row/Ride/Ski* +
90s rest
3 sets
Phase II
8x Front Squat +
60s All-Out Row/Ride/Ski* +
90s rest
3 sets
Phase III
10x RDL +
60s All-Out Row/Ride/Ski* +
90s rest
3 sets
Cool Down
*60s All-Out Standards
Ski @ > 270m
Row @ >300m
Airdyne @ >30 cals
Ski @ > 225m
Row @ >250m
Airdyne @ >20 cals
Beau C.
Cody G.
Niko M.
Robert AY.
Rob S.
Jamie Bald. 
Bobby M.
Hebah F.
Fiona M.
Tammi J.
Cedric J.
Elizabeth F.
Michael S.
David K.
Wlises M.
Jen H.
Latissa H.
Robin M.
Keith S.
Rodney J.
Jason A.
Joshua C.
Mike R.
Lavinia D.
Byron  Y.
Michele E.
Byron D.
Talia K.
Erin E.
Kara S.
Ashley M.
Susan S.
Andrew M.
Rob O.
Britni P.
Tim B.
Ale P.
Tom R.
Ashley C.
Jim C.
Tiffany R.
Leah Z.
Marcus W.
John V.
Mary S.
Oliver M.
Renate L.
Stephanie F.
Raja S.
Gisela T.
James B.
Preeti J.
Diana R.
Workout 2
Mobility work (~8 minutes)
BB Complex (Snatch-Grip), 6 reps each:
DL +
Muscle Snatch +
Behind the Neck Jerk +
Hang Snatch (use hook grip)
5 sets of 2 @ 45#
5 sets of 2 @ 75#
5 sets of 2 @ 95#
Rest plenty between sets
4×2 OHS
3×1 Drop Snatch (Pause 3s in the bottom)
Cool Down
Chris W.
Niko M.
Jen H.
Aubrey H.
Katie W.
James R.
Rob S.
Xeve S.
Coach’s Comments
I feel like we got a lot out of everyone today. I know this because I saw the look on their faces after the workout. IWTs are always challenging, but today I held people to a higher standard. I pushed them to push themselves on the Airdyne, the Rower, and the Ski Erg by “requiring” a certain calorie count or meter mark. Of course this requires an intimate understanding of each athlete’s capability. The key is to make the standard difficult but achievable. It’s an art that gets more perfected each week.
If the weight is right the athlete should be at complete failure by the third set of each round and the final interval of each round should require whatever’s left in the tank (which by then is usually very little). There’s nothing fancy about IWTs. A simple movement on the front end, chased by a hard-fought interval at 90% MHR, and a little rest (typically a 1:2 work:rest ratio). Simple, effective, and hard as f%^k. 
Good work today everyone. We are making progress as a gym. I appreciate the efforts put forth and am continually motivated to find better, more efficient ways to make us better. 

Josh got the opportunity to work with Byron and Rodney today. He dug himself a deep hole early, but managed to hang on until the end. It’s important to train with people that are more advanced than you. If you have the humility to do so you’ll experience gains like never before in a relatively short amount of time.

Go for the stretch!


I took this picture a few weeks ago. James is below 200lbs for the first time in a long time. Congratulations James.