4.17.12 Interval, Strength/Power, Test

Workout 1
3×5 Wall Squats
3x (30s Squat + 30s Rest)
30s Box Jump +
30s Step-up +
30s Rest
6 rounds (to warm-up)
45s each station, 15s transition:
Burpees (jump 6″ off the ground and clap)
Ski Erg @ < 2:00/500m pace
Wall Ball
Rope Pull/Sprint
Slosh Pipe OH Hold (15-30#)
5 rounds
Cool Down
Cody G.
Robyn S.
Fiona M.
Lourdes M.
Bobby M.
Beau C.
Rob J.
Kelli V.
Leah Z.
Susan S.
Erin E.
Nicole P.
Kara S.
Jill P.
Carrie D.
Laura N.
Steve S.
Lizzy M.
Jim C.
Marcus W.
Tom R.
Ashley C.
Robert AY.
Mary S.
Evan J.
Gisela T.
James B.
Raja S.
Stephanie F.
Diana R.
Tiffany R.
Workout 2
Get warm
Work up to 1RM Muscle Snatch (~5 sets)
No foot work
2-Position Squat Clean (floor, hang)
Work up to a heavy load
Do 5 sets
5×5 OHS
Cool Down
 Tony H.
Kian O.
Niko M.
Aubrey H.
Byron D.
Katie W.
James R.
Nicole B.
Rob S.
Rob E.
Rodney J.
Workout 3
Get warm
Primal Triathlon
150 calories +
2000m Row +
2.7 mile run
Record time
Cool Down
Cristian A. – 37:08
Niko M. – 37:09 PR (30 pts)
Byron D. – 34:24
Rob S. – 35:42
Tammi J. – 37:05 PR
Kian O. – 38:15 PR (20 pts)
Latissa H. – 51:46
Christian B. – 42:58
Erica G. – 45:46
Chris W. – 36:35
Will B. – 46:37
Ale P. – 44:00
Michael S. – 32:54
Elizabeth F. – 41:38
Coach’s Comments

Aubrey is a natural weightlifter. I find in general females make better weightlifters. They’re more flexible, patient, and their egos don’t get in the way. Guys too often are fixated on the weight even if it compromises their form. I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it: Get comfortable being a beginner. Even if you have a lot of training “experience,” learning a new skill, improving mobility, or mastering the finer points of a movement takes time. Patience is a virtue.














Stay active against the bar. The barbell is not “resting” on the shoulders. The shoulders are pressing the bar overhead throughout the movement.