4.18.12 Power Endurance

Get warm
Shoulder mobility (~10 minutes)
“MF Shoulder Day”
BB Strict Press
10-1 BB Push Press (M@95#/F@45-65#), Clean the BB from Floor + 
30 sec FLR (use rings for advanced trainees)
Looks like…
10/30s, 9/30s, 8/30s, 7/30s, etc. (not for time)
Rest 5 minutes
2x Heavy TGU @ ~80% 1RM (M@40-70#, M@20-35#) +
30s rest
10 rounds
Cool Down
Xeve S.
Chad G.
Darin J.
Victor R.
Keith K.
Kevin G.
Renate L.
Keith S.
Fiona M.
Jennifer B.
Beau C.
Tammi J.
Jamie Berk
Erin R.
David K.
Sara Y.
Graham P.
Matt R.
Jamie G.
Diane M.
Lisa E.
Jordan C.
Talia K.
Kristen B.
Maria U.
Erica J.
Naomi E.
Valerie B.
Margaret F.
Kara S.
Kathie T.
Jill P.
Rachel S.
Nancy W.
Michelle K.
Michele E.
Rob J.
Kelly W.
Susan S.
Chrishna J.
Faun C.
Jamie Bald.
Patrick N.
Neil E.
Aubrey H.
Renee S.
Will B.
Tim B.
Chloe W.
Susan K.
Jim C.
Tom R.
Amber C.
Raymond H.
Vanessa H.
Marcus W.
Dmitri M.
Cedric J.
Cynthia P.
James B.
Tiffany B.
Darren B.
Coach’s Comments

A good use of space at the 9am slot.












Once you get past five in the descending ladder the Push Press gets easier and the FLR starts to mount, especially since a Push Press/FLR combo is hardly complimentary.













There are a few “tricks” to using the rings. Keep the hands close together so the straps wrap around the outside of the shoulders. This creates a sling that takes pressure off the upper body. Nevertheless, it’s still not easy, especially combined with 55 reps of Push Press. It was after all “MF Shoulder Day.”