4.19.12 Power Endurance, IWT

Workout 1
Throw MBs to warm-up 
1st minute @ 8-12#
2nd minute @ 15-20#
3rd minute @ >20#
Phase I
10x (each direction) BB Russian Twist + 
1:00 minute ALL-OUT Row/Airdyne/Ski +
2:00 minute rest
3 sets
Rest 5 minutes
Phase II
10x Sumo Deadlift +
1:00 minute ALL-OUT Row/Airdyne/Ski +
2:00 minute rest
3 sets
Rest 5 minutes
Phase III
10x (each) Ball Slam/Burpee @ 20# +
8x (each) Ball Slam/Burpee @ 25# +
4x (each) Ball Slam/Burpee @ 30-40#
Rest 2:00 minutes
2 sets
Cool Down
Cristian A.
Hebah F.
Jaosn V.
Lourdes M.
Jamie Bald.
Kian O.
Rob S.
Beau C.
Erica J.
Tammi J.
Erica G.
Doug W.
Kristen B.
Keith S.
Latissa H.
Elizaeth F.
Robin M.
Ron J.
Talia K.
Rodney J.
Jason A.
Ale P.
James B.
Erin E.
Gisela T.
Victoria G.
Kara S.
Carrie D.
Susan S.
Michelle K.
Preeti J.
Rachel S.
Jim C.
Tom R.
Ashley C.
Nicole P.
Leah Z.
Britni P.
Christian B.
Mary S.
John V.
Allen W.
Holli S.
Ashley T.
Catherine D.
Evan J.
Raja S.
Stephanie F.
Diana R.
Debra H.
Workout 2
800m Jog to warm-up
4x400m repeats
P1 50 yd Sprint 
P2 KBS @ 50# for the duration of spint
P3 Push-ups for duration of sprint
P4 Rest
AMRAP in 20 minutes
Cool Down
Kian O.
Susan K.
Misti W.
Byron D.
Katie W.
Bobby M.
Rodney J.
Rob S.
Wlises M.
Tony H.
Joe L.
Michael S.
Rob E.
Marcus W.
Coach’s Comments

We broke in the new landline units today. We’ll keep playing with them. They’re pretty versatile. It’s easy to get caught up in gimmicky shit. I prefer to use a tool to accomplish an objective. I don’t let the tool determine the objective. Big difference.













The goal for the guys was 30 calories in a minute. I told Rodney, “anyone can hit the goal on the first two sets. It’s what you do on the third and final set that will determine whether the workout was a success or failure.”













SLAM the ball! It’s not ball drop, it’s ball SLAM. You get out what you put in.