4.20.12 Power Endurance

Workout 1
KB Complex
KB Snatch/Goblet Squat: 
20/20 @ 30-35#
15/15 @ 40-45#
10/10 @ 50-55#
3x (5/5) @ >55#
Barbell Thrusters: 
3 reps every 30 seconds for 10 minutes @ 45-95# (60 total reps)
5x Burpees + 30m Heavy Farmer Carry
10 rounds
Then (somewhat immediately):
30sec Dip Support (use rings if possible) + 
30sec Rest 
Eight Rounds 
Cool Down
Misti W.
Chad G.
Victor R.
Keith S.
Fiona M.
Jennifer B.
Katie M.
Jamie Berk
Rodney J.
Nicole M.
Graham P.
David K.
Nicole P.
Faun C.
Diane M.
James B.
Renate L.
Rachel S.
Lisa E.
Jordan C.
Britni P.
Ashley T.
Jamie Bald.
Susan S.
Will B.
Ashley T.
Allen W.
Naomi E.
Erin E.
Tim B.
Jim C.
Neil E.
Renee S.
Amber C.
Marcus W.
Miguel R.
Cedric J.
Lizzy M.
Wlises M.
Michael S.
Tom R.
Rob E.
Holli S.
Bryan C.
Diana R.
Workout 2
Mobility Work (10-15 minutes)
500m Row +
35 Calories Airdyne +
250m Row +
15 Calorie Airdyne
Rest 3:00 minutes
4 rounds
OHS + Pull-up 
Set 1 @ 65#
Set 2 @ 95#
Set 3 @ 105#
Rest plenty between sets
Cool Down
Chris W.
Niko M.
Rob S.
Coach’s Comments

The first couple sets aren’t too bad. Then the fun begins.












The final set of the KB Snatch/Goblet Squat combo was prescribed at >55#. I wrote it to see who would go for it. Jordan and Renate went for it.













Katie (left) is demonstrating the proper way to do Dip Support. It’s not good enough to simply hold yourself up. Every effort should be made to depress the shoulders so you’re not hanging from the shoulder girdle. You can clearly see the different between active shoulders (Katie) and inactive shoulders (Victor on the right).


This is how Graham spends his weekends. If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to be a competitive cyclist here is a small glimpse. There is a tactical fearlessness that comes with maneuvering these types of courses at these speeds (>25 mph). Not only do you have to have a big, efficient engine, but you have to have big balls too. Keep up the good work Graham. You’re a beast!

Velo Fest 2012, St. Augustine Florida Cat 3 and 4 Crit