4.21.12 Tag Team, Power, Power Endurance

Workout 1
Dynamic Warm-up (5-7 minutes)
Tag Team
Each station is 10 minutes long with a 3 minute rest between:
Station 1:
P1 Wall Sit
P2 15m Burpee/Broad Jump + 15m Bear Crawl 
Station 2:
P1 KB Rack Hold
P2 250m Row 
Station 3:
P1 FLR (on rings)
P2 4x 15m Rope Pull/Sprint 
Station 4:
P1 Dead Hang (from bar)
P2 30m Heavy Forward Sled Drag
Cool Down
Hebah F.
Darren B.
Jamie B.
John V.
Nicole P.
Kian O.
Ashley C.
Shari O.
Miguel R.
Carrie D.
Joshua C.
Kelly W.
Rachel S.
Rob O.
Bryan C.
Kristen B.
Bobby M.
Raymond H.
Vanessa H.
Leah Z.
Workout 2
Get Warm + Mobility
Work up to 1RM Clean and Jerk
10 Minute AMRAP
30x Double Unders +
15x Snatch (M@75, F@55#)
Record total reps
Cool Down
1RM CJ, Double-Under/Snatch AMRAP:
Niko M. @ 225# (PR), 241 reps (45 pts)
Chris W. @ 255# (PR), 287 reps (70 pts)
Byron D. @ 255# (PR), 287 reps (20 pts)
Rob S. @ 225#, 323 reps (60 pts)
Jen H. @ 115# (PR), 260 reps (10 pts)
James R. @ 185# (PR), 282 reps (25 pts)
Coach’s Comments

We rarely break out the sleds, so it was fun to watch everyone grind it out today. There’s nothing overly complex about sled drags. Lean forward, put one foot in front of the other and go. 30m isn’t too far, so we loaded them up. Meanwhile, P2 is hanging from the bar.












The Rope Pull/Sprint can be manipulated to achieve several different objectives. If it’s speed (and O2 demand) you want keep it light. For strength load up and keep the reps low. Today I wanted as many rotation as possible between P1 and P2. So we kept it light. But by the end what started light became heavy.














Niko hitting a 215# Clean and Jerk. He PR’d at 225# on the day.