4.27.12 Power Endurance

Jog a lap
2×20 Squats
3×10 Split Jumps
3×10 KBS (30#, 40#, >40#)
DB Complex, 6 reps each
Biceps Curl +
Hi-Pull +
Bent-Over Row +
Thruster +
Lateral Lunge +
3 rounds = 1 set
Do 2 sets
“Brick Training”
500m Row/Ski OR 50 Calorie Sprint on Airdyne +
800m Run 
Rest as little as possible between rounds
3 rounds
100x Pull-ups (do Jump Pull-ups if necessary)
100x KBS (M@40-50#, F@ 25-35#) 
100x Split Jumps
Record time
Cool Down
Xeve S.
Misti W.
Cristian A.
Cody G.
Jennifer B.
Dave H.
Andrew L.
Keith S.
Beau C.
Ashley M.
Katie M.
Jamie Berk
Elizabth F.
Joe L.
Amber C.
Robin M.
Renate L.
Erin R.
Sara Y.
Rachel S.
Lisa E.
Jordan C.
Paul S.
Kara S.
Dallas N.
James B.
Keith M.
Jamie Bald.
Jill P.
Cindy B.
Erica J.
Nancy W.
Mcihele E.
Latissa H.
Natalie M.
Catherine D.
David K.
Darin J.
Chrishna J.
Holli S.
Chrissy VD.
Jim C.
Leah Z.
Tim B.
Marcus W.
Cedric J.
Nicole C.
Kristen B.
James R.
Michael S.
Niko M.
Rob S.
Kian O.
Shari O.
Erica G.
Mariana F.
Bryan C.
Adriana R.
Diana R.
Coach’s Comments

I’m always fascinated by change. The easy part is the decision to change. The more challenging part is the follow through. Frequently people join the gym, struggle for a month or two and never come back. They decide, for whatever reason, it’s either too hard, too expensive, or “not for them.” The ones that stick around and drag their face through the mud are the ones that find, perhaps even without previously knowing, there is more to who they are than they originally thought. This project we call Go Primal exist for the latter. We are ultimately a collection of the decisions we make in life. And I am eternally humbled by those who decide and choose to make a commitment to be better, and more emphatically, who are engaged in this process no matter how many ups and downs there are. Congratulate yourself, for you are truly making the most of your human experience. Some believe the physical and mental acts of perserverence we create here build character and integrity. I believe we highlight character that aready exists. Either you have it or you don’t.There can be no posturing. Once your hand grabs the bar or your foot hits the pavement it’s either in you or it’s not. There’s no faking character. It can be honed, molded, and refined. But in the end we are what we are. The probem is most people don’t have the balls to ask the hard questions. We sell out even ourselves and in the end we have nothing new to show, nothing palatable. We’re merely children in adult form. We sink, fall short, and wish we’d done all the things we didn’t do but should have. May we strengthen our platforms of character in this place we all love so much and launch ourselves head first into situations where the skills, knowledge, and physical abilities we have worked so so hard to develop are needed and usable. Go Primal.