4.30.12 Power Endurance

Shoulder Mobility (5-10 minutes)
KB Carry Circuit:
30m each:
SA OH (L) +
SA OH (R) +
Cradle Carry +
Awkward (L up, R down) +
Awkward (R up, L down) +
Around the Waist Walks +
10x KBS (overhead)
Continue for 10 minutes
Skill practice
KB Triplet:
3x Heavy KB Clean +
3x KB Front Squat +
2x Jerk
Every minute
10 sets
4 sets @ 2×40#
4 sets @ 2×50#
3 sets @ 2×55#
“KB Swing and Sprint Shuttle”
15x KBS 35# + 15m Sprint holding KB
12x KBS 40# + 15m Sprint
10x KBS 50# + 15m Sprint
6x KBS 70# + 15m Sprint
Rest while other players go
3 sets each player
2x (1-8) Team Burpee Ladder
Cool Down
Jason V.
Fiona M.
Renate L.
Victor R.
Diane M.
Jennifer B.
Kian O.
Andrew L.
Beau C.
Jamie B.
Graham P.
David K.
Chad G.
erin R.
Sara Y.
Kristen B.
Amber C.
Robin M.
Jordan C.
Keith M.
Nicole M.
Christian B.
Rachel S.
Jamie Bald.
Talia K.
Cindy B.
Alana G.
Ashley M.
Erica J.
Bobby M.
Kathie T.
Jill P.
Michelle K.
Ron J.
Erin E.
Naomi E.
Kara S.
Cedric J.
Adriana R.
Margaret F.
Rodney J.
Diana R.
Will B.
Chrissy VD.
Susan S.
Patrick N.
Katie M.
Erica G.
Katie B.
Susan K.
Ashley C.
Toni A.
Gisela T.
Jim C.
Tom R.
Leah Z.
Aubrey H.
Nicole B.
Nicole P.
Shari O.
Rob O.
Marcus W.
Miguel R.
Jamie S.
Xeve S.
John V.
Elise L.
Bryan C.
Mary S.
Mariana F.
Natalie M.
Lee W.
Raja S.
Britni P.
Coach’s Comments
Three years ago we were a small faction of less than 50 members. Our gym was bare, humid, and lacking notoriety. 
Our values have always been the same; a no non-sense approach to fitness that is honest. We never lied to anyone by telling them the journey would be short and easy. In fact, we lost a lot of people to “the struggle.”  
I’ve been thinking a lot lately about where Go Primal is going. In just four short years it’s changed so much; the faces, the location, the staff, the website, etc. I can only imagine where we’ll be four years from now. 
Tonight I will register twelve teams for the Mud Run in Columbia, SC. Twelve teams!! Three years ago we had to beg three teams to go. Last year we sent eight. And now we’re sending twelve. Fifty people will make the eight hour drive north for a weekend, that for many, will be life changing. Fifty people will dedicate their summers in preparation, not necessarily to win, but to prove to themselves they have what it takes to step outside their comfort zone.  
All this got me thinking about the concept of winning. It happens when all the hours of preparation, time, and effort come face to face with the “moment.” The moment is a crossroads where everything you want collides with everything standing in your way. The outcome is yours to determine.
Real winners dig deep; they recognize the moment and they go for it. If winning is the consequence of such action you are all winners.
If you did something you’ve never done before you’re a winner. If you’ve ever stepped out of your comfort zone, you’re a winner. If you improved in any or all facets you’re a winner. If you gave everything you had and fell short, you’re still a winner. True winners are invested. True winners go all in, no matter the outcome. They commit. A mediocre performance is only bad if it results from mediocrity of effort.