5.1.12 Power Endurance, Interval, Strength

Workout 1
5 minute row, ride, run
15x Squat + 
1 min Plank with Push-up every 10 seconds 
4 rounds (to warm-up)
Five minute rounds of the following:
KB Snatch (switch hands as needed), M@40#, F@25#
Wall Ball (M@12#, F@8-10#)
Box Jump (M@ 24″, F@16-20″)
Row (meters)
BB Push Press (M@95#, F@45#)
AirDyne (cals)
Rest 2 minutes between stations
Cool Down
Xeve S.
Fiona M.
Tammi J.
Rob S.
Kevin G.
Joshua C.
Rodney J.
Lourdes M.
Jamie Bald.
Byron D.
Erica J.
Hebah F.
Kian O.
Beau C.
Latissa H.
Erin R.
Diane M.
Andrew M.
Byron Y.
Lori M.
Kelli V.
Bob R.
Rob J.
Talia K.
Chrissy VD.
Kara S.
Susan S.
Will B.
Nicole P.
Michele E.
Ale P.
Carrie D.
Miguel R.
Robert O.
Michael S.
Jim C.
Nicole B.
Robin M.
Rachel S.
Marcus W.
Sarah A.
Tiffany R.
Dmitri M.
Marissa F.
Cynthia P.
Mariana F.
Bryan C.
Stephanie F.
Diana R.
Nicole C.
Workout 2
Work up on Snatch-Grip DL (a heavy triple)
Cluster Training
1-1-1-1-1 @ 90% 1RM 
Rest 15-20s between reps 
When 5 reps have been completed the set is over. 
Rest 3-5 minutes
3 sets total
Front Squat @ 135# (clean the bar off floor) + Pull-ups (any style)
10/1, 9/2, 8/3, 7/4, 6/5, 5/6, 4/7, 3/8, 2/9, 1/10
Cool Down with rotator cuff work
DL Clusters:
Chris @ 225#
Bobby M. @ 225#
Rob S. @ 225#
Tony H. @ 225#
James R. @ 225#
Jen H. @ 170#
Rob E. @ 245#
Byron D. @ 295#
Coach’s Comments

One learns quickly during a 5-minute interval that Push Press is all about the legs and staying efficient. Every attempt should be made to drive the bar off the body and lock out at the top. The biggest mistake people make is separating themselves from the bar in the bottom position. This turns a predominantly core movement into an arm movement. Big mistake!














For the past 4 weeks we’ve done nothing but snatch, hook-grip deadlifts for low reps. Today we did Clusters: 5 repetitions with 15-20s between each rep. Adding 15-20s between each rep allows the athlete to do 5 reps with a weight they could only do three times consecutively.













Incredible bar speed despite the challenging grip.












Maintaining structural balance is vital to long term success. I had the guys do 3×12 Seated DB External Rotation to strengthen the external rotators at the end of the workout today. It was a nice compliment to the heavy DLs. Hard too!