5.2.12 Power Endurance, Leg Day

2×20 Squat
4x15m Lunge + Bear Crawl
3×10 Split Jump
6x (3 each) Forward Lunge (Hold 2x KB in Rack position) +
10x “Explosive” Step-up Hops 
Rest plenty between sets
4 sets
Split Jump Progression
12x Split Jumps @ BW
10x Split Jumps @ 2×10-15# DBs
8x Split Jumps @ 2×20-25# DBs
6x Split Jump @ >30# DBs
60s Wall Sit (unbroken)
When complete, go back up through the progression (6x, 8x, etc.)
Do 1-Minute ALL-OUT on the Airdyne and repeat the whole thing again.
Rest 5 minutes
P1 30s Frog Hop (unbroken)
P2 Rest
P3 Rest
Switch, 4 sets each player
Cool Down
Xeve S.
Chad G.
Katie M.
Erica G.
Latissa H.
Diane M.
Cody G.
Tammi J.
Renate L.
Jennifer B.
Bobby M.
Hebah F.
Keith S.
Beau C.
Jamie Berk
Brandi S.
Keith M.
Graham P.
Dave H.
Amber C.
Jamie G.
Erin R.
Natalie M.
Seth L.
Jordan C.
Lelia G.
Newell F.
Talia K.
Cindy B.
Alana G.
Margaret F.
Rachel S.
Kathie T.
Jill P.
Nicole C.
Nancy W.
Michelle K.
Susan S.
Rob J.
Cedric J.
Doug W.
Christian B.
Erin E.
Chrissy VD.
Kara S.
Jamie Bald. 
Scott S.
Crystal S.
Will B.
Jamie S.
Steve G.
Marissa F.
Andrew M.
Catherine D.
Tiffany R.
Lizzy M.
Ashley C.
Michael S.
Jim C.
Ashley M.
Nicole B.
Tim B.
Vanessa H.
Raymond H.
Marcus W.
John V.
Ashley T.
Marsi B.
Anya B.
Cynthia P.
Jen H.
Lee W.
Darren B.
Coach’s Comments
I read this on a site I frequent and thought a lot of you could benefit from it:
“There is a difference between thinking you are going “all-out” and actually going “all-out”. Most times when people think they’ve gone “all-out” they actually have more in the tank they just don’t know how to access it. If you want to learn what it is like to go “all-out” get on an AirDyne and do an “all-out” minute or get on a rower and do a 500m for time. Then do it every week for the next 10 weeks. Each time you attempt it you need to be in a fresh and rested state. You also must force yourself to beat the time/calorie total of the week before. As the weeks go on and your scores rise you’ll have to work harder and harder in order to improve. At some point near the end of the ten weeks you’ll truly have to go “all-out” in order to improve. At that point you’ll know what “all-out” feels like.”
A worthy experiment indeed.

Anytime you have weight resting on the front of the body there is an increased demand from the back muscles. Pay particular attention to staying upright and fight like hell not to let the KBs pull you into flexion. Also, explode through the front heel to get back.













Gillis going heavy.












One of my favorite chasers. Grind it out with the lunges, explode with the step-up hops.