5.3.12 Power Endurance, IWT, Power/Strength

Workout 1
DB Complex, 6 reps each:
Biceps Curl +
Hi-Pull +
Bent-Over Row +
Thruster +
Lateral Lunge +
3 rounds = 1 sets
Do 2 sets (increase # on second set)
Phase I
12x DB Clean and Press/Jerk +
2:00 minutes of Burpee/Broad Jump OR Burpee/Pull-up +
2:00 minutes rest
3 sets
Rest 5 minutes
Phase II
10x (5 each) OH KB/BB Step-up @ 12″ +
4x (20s Mountain Climber + 10s FLR) +
2:00 minutes rest 
3 sets
Rest 5 minutes
Phase III
6-minutes of Alternating Dead Hang and Rack Hold @ ~ 1/2 BW
Perform in as few sets as possible
Cool Down
Kevin G.
Robyn S.
Keith M.
Tammi J.
Rob S.
Rob E.
Byron D.
Erica J.
Rodney J.
Beau C.
Jamie S.
Dallas N.
Keith S.
Chris W.
Laura M.
Byron Y.
Bob R.
Erin E.
Talia K.
Chrissy VD.
Kara S.
Carrie D.
Susan S.
Ale P.
Michelle K.
Tim B.
Elizabeth F.
Haani J.
Latissa H.
Robin M.
Ashley C.
Jim C.
Rob O.
Lizzy M.
Nicole P.
Miguel R.
Marcus W.
Evan J.
Sarah A.
Dmitri M.
Mike G.
Mariana F.
Debra H.
Workout 2
Shoulder/Spine Mobility
Work up to 1RM Snatch-Balance
5×3 Back Squat with chains @ 80%
Cool Down
Snatch-Balance 1RM:
Chris @ 225#
Rob S. @ 155#
James R. @ 185#
Byron D. @ 205#
Coach’s Comments

The Overhead Box Step-up requires tremendous trunk and shoulder stabilization. Brace the core to prevent the spine from buckling as you step up and down from the box. This is how we train the core.



















The 4x (20s Work/10s FLR) Mountain Climber is deadly by itself. Combine it with the OH Step-ups and you have a crouching combo for the shoulders.