5.7.12 Power Endurance

Shoulder Mobility
4×5 SOTS Press/OHS Combo @ 2 x 8-15# DB 
BB Push Press @ 25-30% 1RM + Lockout Ladder
8 Presses + 10s Lockout
7 Presses + 10s Lockout
6 Presses + 10s Lockout…
Continue to 1 Press + 10s Lockout
This is one block, do 3
Rest plenty between
P1 300m Row/Ski
P2 Rack Hold
Then (immediately):
10x Heavy MB Tosses each over 8″ Pull-up Bar (to recover)
3 rounds each player
Cool Down
Keith M.
Darin J.
Erica G.
Renate L.
Kevin G.
Kara S.
Jennifer B.
Amber C.
Diane M.
Fiona M.
Andrew L.
Chad G.
Katie M.
Jamie Berk
Preeti J.
Matthew F.
Chloe W.
Andrew R.
Graham P.
Holli S.
Rachel S.
Marcus W.
Erin R.
Robin M.
Jordan C.
Nicole M.
Nicole C.
Michele E.
Alana G.
Talia K.
Margaret F.
Lelia G.
Jill P.
Cindy B.
Ashley M.
Valerie B.
Michelle K.
Andrew M.
Rob J.
Lori M.
Katie B.
Christian B.
Doug W.
Nancy W.
Diana R.
Adriana R.
Rodney J.
Will B.
Lavinia D.
Joshua C.
Jason V.
Neil E.
Cate M.
Renee S.
Scott S.
Chrissy VD.
Leah Z.
Faun C.
Victor R.
Tracy T.
Jen H.
Michael S.
Marissa F.
Jim C.
Niko M.
Miguel R.
Lizzy M.
Robert O.
Ashley C.
Crystal S.
Steve G.
Matheen K.
Susan K.
Raja S.
Nic B.
Chrishna J.
Xeve S.
Mariana F.
Natalie M.
Joe B.
Bryan C.
Laura M.
Coach’s Comments

A lot of people today were surprised by their lack of mobility. The SOTS Press/OHS Combo is humbling to say the least and highlights the need for self care techniques to mobilize both the hips and spine. Lately we’ve emphasized these techniques a lot more and it’s beginning to show. I’m constantly seeing people on stretch bands and foam rollers before, during, and after training. This brings a smile to my face.














Exhibit A











Exhibit B











The tricky part about the lockouts is that it’s intended to be a rest. If one possesses adequate mobility and core strength it is. However, if the spine is locked or the core is weak this position is anything but rest.












If I ever want to “force” someone to go harder than they normally would I prescribe tag team work. The accountability of knowing another person is suffering until you finish has a way of motivating.












In the end both people end up suffering.