5.10.12 Strength

Workout 1
Shoulder Mobility
Bench Press
5×2 @ 90% 1RM
Chase each set with 100m All-OUT on SkiErg
10x Burpee @ BW
8x Man-Maker @ 2×10-15#
6x Man-Maker @ 2×15-25#
4x Man-Maker @ 25-30#
4x Man-Maker @ >30#
Rest a bit between each set
This is one block, do 2
10-Minute Slosh Pipe OH Hold (3 player rotation) to cool down 
Xeve S.
Lourdes M.
Layne N.
Keith M.
Robyn S.
Beau C.
Rob E.
Erica J.
Tammi J.
Byron D.
Hebah F.
Elizabeth F.
Diane M.
Keith S.
Kristen B.
Susan S.
Mike R.
Lori M.
Rob J.
Katie M.
Chrissy VD.
Bob R.
Kara S.
Talia K.
Rodney J.
Carrie D.
Ale P.
Michelle K.
Ashley M.
Nicole C.
Doug W.
Joe L.
Wes M.
Robin M
Latissa H.
Lizzy M.
Rob O.
Tom R.
Nicole P.
Andrew M.
Beth E.
Erica G.
Steve S.
Bryan C.
Mariana F.
Gisela T.
Leah Z.
James B.
Stephanie F.
Neil E.
Kathy C.
Evan J.
Robert AY.
Raja S.
Christian B.
Lee W.
Workout 2
Get loose
Work up to 90% 1RM DL
DL Clusters @ 90% (“Extended 3’s”)
Rest 15s between each rep
Rest 3-5 minutes between sets
3 sets
Heavy Sled Work (various)
Cool Down
Byron D. @ 405#
Chris W. @ 335#
Rodney J. @ 335#
Jim C. @ 315#
Katie W. @ 165#
Coach’s Comments

Chase each set of two on the Bench with an ALL-OUT 100m Ski. Roast and toast!











Break the Man-Maker into three parts. 1. Do a full push-up, 2. Stand and Clean the DBs, 3. Dip and drive them overhead. Don’t try to go from the floor to overhead in one motion. Also, make an effort to keep the low back flat when standing up from the floor.













The Slosh Pipe Hold at the end of the workout was a nice finisher after all the pushing work. It ensures all the little stabilizer muscles of the shoulder, back, and torso get in on the action.












I love the simplicity of the dragging and pushing heavy shit. It’s not technical. It’s not complicated. Grab and go!












Byron with two bells overhead. Losing the use of the arms makes a difference.