5.15.12 Power Endurance, IWT

Workout 1
3×5 Wall Squats 
2×10 Shoulder Dislocates
2×10 OHS @ dowel
3×6 Deck Squat (pause before standing)
Practice DB Hang Power Snatch
Phase I
10x DB Hang Power Snatch +
4x (20s Hard/10s Easy) Row/Ride/Ski +
2:00 minutes rest
3 sets
Rest 5 minutes
Phase II
10x Heavy Goblet Squats +
4x (20s Hard/10s Rest) Row/Ride/Ski +
2:00 minute rest
3 sets
Rest 5 minutes
Phase III
Farmer’s Carry + Dead Hang
60m/70s, 60m/60s, 60m/50s, 60m/40s, 60m/30s
Cool Down
Jamie Berk
Keith M.
Robyn S.
Lourdes M.
Hebah F.
Miguel R.
Michael S.
Katy R.
Layne N.
Fiona M.
Beau C.
Erica J.
Tammi J.
Christian B.
Latissa H.
Dallas N.
Rachel K.
Britni P.
Diane M.
Kelli V.
Rob J.
Byron Y.
Lori M.
Joshua C.
Lavinia D.
Ale P.
Erin E.
Bob R.
Nicole P.
Kara S.
Carrie D.
Will B.
Marcus W.
Tracy T.
Keith S.
Talia K.
Rob E.
Scott K.
Jim C.
Gisela T.
Rob O.
Rachel S.
Ashley C.
Mariana F.
Sarah A.
Robert AY.
Kristen B.
Stephanie F.
Beth E.
Bryan C.
Ashley M.
Raja S.
Neil E.
Diana R.
Nicole C.
Workout 2
Get loose
6×2 Snatch (progressive loading, technique-based)
Deadlift + Toes-to-Bar
Then (immediately):
500m Row (<1:45)
Then (immediately):
HSPU + Wall Ball
Fall Down
Chris W.
Joe L.
Michael S.
Kian O.
James R.
Jen H.
Katie W.
Coach’s Comments
The non-complimentary circuit above was nothing short of an ass kicker. Complimentary sets (i.e. push/pull, legs/shoulders, etc.) typically allow for a faster pace overall, but non-complimentary groupings (push/push, pull/pull) provide a nice opportunity to live in a constant state of fatigue, where performance suffers with each and every rep. Psychologically these types of workouts should be limited to 1-2x a month, but they’re great for teaching how to “live in the burn.” The idea of course it to be better equipped to handle more complimentary groupings. If you can do two pushing movements back to back, you can certainly do one pushing and one pulling. We will be sore, which I don’t always love, but it will be because we put in some very good work. 
The reps descended to accomodate for fatigue, which eased the psychological imprint some (in addition to NOT doing it for time), but little could be done to combat the momentary muscular failure experienced on the last few reps of each set. When you write your own programs it’s important to honestly self-assess yourself and your training partners. Having the balls to write and perform a program that exploits your weaknesses is a blessing and a curse. No free rides in this game. You must pay, and you must pay BIG. Pain, sweat, heartache, and suffering are the currency of improvement. It’s the only path worth treading. 

It was Scott’s first day. Starting your Go Primal experience with an IWT…I can’t think of a better way to get your feet wet. Not only did he survive, but he hung in nicely with our veterans.













I told the guys with the heavier KBs to flip it over and hold it upside down during Goblet Squats. It’s more comfortable for one, but it also forces you to keep the bell close to the body with the elbows tucked.













Another view…