5.17.12 Strength, Power Endurance

Workout 1
Rope Skip
2x15m Lunge + 15m Bear Crawl
10x KBS (30#, 40#, 55#, 70#, >70#)
Work up on Strict Press
5×3 Strict Press
Rest plenty bewteen sets
20-minute AMRAP
30x KBS (M@40-45, F@25-30#) +
60m Walking Lunge (back knee muct contact floor) +
90 Double Unders (180 singles)
Record rounds
Cool Down
Joey G.
Robyn S.
Erica J.
Hebah F.
Jamie Bald.
Miguel R.
Katy R.
Layne N.
Beau C.
Rodney J.
Tammi J.
Sara Y.
Keith M.
Keith S.
Rob J.
Joshua C.
Lavinia D.
John C.
Ale P.
Erin E.
Michele E.
Elizabeth F.
Kara S.
Nicole C.
Talia K.
Carrie D.
Rob E.
Ashley M.
Byron Y.
Marcus W.
Laurie G.
Tim B.
Janell B.
Nicole P.
Robin M.
Lizzy M.
Ashley C.
Mike G.
Matt H.
Erica G.
Mariana F.
Beth E.
Matt G.
Evan J.
Robert AY.
Maura M.
Bryan C.
Neil E.
Lee W.
Diana R.
Workout 2
Power Snatch
Every minute on the minute
1-4 minutes: 3 reps @ 95#
5-9 minutes: 2 reps @ 115#
10-14 minutes: 1 rep @ 135#
Strict Pull-up Drop Sets
3 reps @ BW + 50# 
Rest 10-15s
1-2 reps @ BW + 40#
Rest 10-15s
1-2 reps @ BW + 30-35#
Rest 5 minutes
3 sets
“Death by Pull-ups”
1st minute do 1x Pull-up
2nd minute do 2x Pull-ups
3rd minute do 3x Pull-ups
Continue until prescribed number cannot be performed.
500m Row
1st set @ 1:50 pace
2nd set @ 1:45 pace
3rd set @ <1:40 pace
Cool Down
Chris W.
Joe L.
James R.
Xeve S.
Rodney J.
Coach’s Comments

A lot of guys worked up to the 90# kettle bell. The good thing about heavy KBS is it forces you to be efficient. No room for wasted movement. 












The proper way to spot Strict Press is from the elbows behind the athlete. The moment the bar stops moving up be there to assist. Help as little as possible. Forced reps are great for producing strength gains, but shouldn’t be an everyday part of training. Sometimes training to failure is training to fail, as it tends to produce a lot of soreness, which could keep you out of the gym for several days.














A great finish position by Erin.












If you don’t have Double Unders do Single Unders. Remember though, singles shouldn’t be treated like a rest. Go as fast as possible, and every now and then attempt a few doubles. It’s the only way you’ll learn how to do them.













Touching the back knee to the floor is the standard for lunges. Be careful not to bang it though. I use the term “kiss.” Kissing the knee to the floor demonstrates control. Banging it demonstrate lack of control.