5.21.12 Power Endurance

5 minute easy row, ride, rope skip
3×5 Wall Squat
2×20 Squats
2×10 Shoulder Dislocates
1:00 minute FLR
Do 1x HR Push-up every 10s
Rest 60s
3 sets
15x DB Push Press @ 95# on odd minutes +
15x KBS @ 50-70# on even minutes
Continue for 20 minutes
P1 4×30/30 Airdyne/Row/Ski
P2 “Active” recovery MB tosses over 8″ Pull-up Bar
Switch, 3 rounds each
Cool Down
Beau C.
Chad G.
Tammi J.
Amber C.
Diane M.
Renate L.
Jamie Berk
Keith M.
Rob J.
Wlises M.
Graham P.
Kian O.
Kristen B.
Rachel S.
Sara Y.
Jordan C.
Lelia G.
Alana G.
Kara S.
Margaret F.
Erica J.
Kathie T.
Cindy B.
Nicole C.
Talia K.
Chris W.
Misti W.
Dallas N.
Lori M.
Susan S.
Will B.
Oliver M.
Goretti C.
Patrick N.
Toni A.
Jamie Bald. 
Anne M.
Renee S.
Scott S.
Faun C.
Cate M.
Michelle A.
Cedric J.
Robert AY.
Rob O.
Jen H (slight mod)
Nicole B.
Marissa F.
Jim C.
Shari O.
Niko M.
Leah Z.
Marcus W.
Nicole P.
Ashley C.
Ashley M.
Sky J.
Nic B.
Joshua C.
Lavinia D.
Matheen K.
Mary S.
Steve G.
Bryan C.
Mariana F.
Raja S.
Adriana R.
Natalie M.
Rob S.
Aubrey H.
Joe B.
Miguel R.
Diana R.
Coach’s Comments

The proper finishing position. The only work actually being done during the KBS is in the bottom. Decelerate, accelerate, ride the momentum. The trick is to keep the bell pointed slightly forward at the top to facilitate it coming back down again. Drive the head through to achieve the finish position.


















Efficiency is key. If you don’t use your legs enough, have a faulty bar path, don’t finish locked out overhead, or lose your rhythm, high volume work will get very hard very fast. He/She who is most efficient usually wins.

















Got the chance to train with the wife today.