2.22.12 Power Endurance, Strength

Workout 1
5 minute easy row, ride, run, rope skip
Locomotor Drills (shuffling, skipping, crawling, etc.)
“Leg Day”
Tag Team Lunge Ladder
P1 1x Lunge (hold bottom position* while P2 does 1x lunge)
P2 1x Lunge (hold bottom position while P1 does 2x lunge)
Continue for 15m
*Bottom position = back knee 1-inch from the floor
Rest a bit, 2 sets
4×30 Frog Hops @ BW
4×20 Frog Hops @ 17-26# Bulgarian Bag (on shoulders) 
4×30 (15 each) Split Jumps @ BW
4×20 (10 each) Split Jumps @BW + DBs (player’s choice on load)
2x15m Broad jump @ BW
4x15m Broad Jump @ BW + DBs
Rest as needed between all sets
1-Minute “Hard” Row/Ski/Ride +
Max Effort Rack Hold at 1/2 BW
Do as many rounds as necessary to complete 5-minutes of cumulative rack hold.
Rest as needed between sets
Cool Down
Keith M.
Lourdes M.
Stephen C.
Cristian A.
Miguel R.
Tammi J.
Katy R.
Layne N.
Erica J.
Beau C.
Bobby M.
Kian O.
Kevin G.
Diane M.
Chrissy VD.
Rob J.
James B.
Susan K.
Kelli V.
Bob R.
Jill P.
Kara S.
Susan S.
Ale P.
Nicole P.
Talia K.
Will B.
Joe L.
Tony H.
Byron Y.
Janell B.
Jamie Bald.
Michael S.
Tim B.
Nicole B.
Jim C.
Rachel S.
Scott K.
Carrie D.
Sarah A.
Joshua C.
Lavina D.
Evan J.
Stephanie F.
Cynthia P.
Robert AY.
Beth E.
Neil E.
Bryan C.
Mariana F.
Lee W.
Diana R.
Workout 2
Get warm
Back squat
3x15m Front-Loaded Lunges
Chase each set with 5x Explosive Split Jumps
Rest plenty between
4×30/30 Frog Hop
Rest, repeat
Cool Down
Michelle A.
Jen H.
Chris W.
Rodney J.
Byron D.
Marcus W.
Jim C.
Rob E.
Coach’s Comments
We’ll be working diligently in the next few weeks to get the exercise library complete. I decided to keep it very simple. Each page will have a short video clip of the movement with a full description underneath of the technical aspects of each movement, common faults, and how we commonly use that movement to improve a specific fitness domain. Doing it this way will allow us to do a lot in a relatively short amount of time. 
This section is less for active members of the gym and more for online members who want to follow the workouts at home or at their local gym. 

Rob has been working hard to improve his squat mechanics and hip mobility. Judging by the look of this single it seems to be paying off. A fine looking front squat.












The goal during today’s leg assault was to do each set unbroken. That means going all the way through the set without stopping. Adding a 17# Bulgarian Bag makes the task more difficult. The key is actually to jump higher. Short jumps don’t allow for much rest. High jumps, while they require more deceleration at the bottom, provide a brief enough moment of relief in the air and helps maintain explosiveness.














Strongman training coming later this summer. The logs will be stripped and weighed. Nothing improves strength like picking heavy shit up, hoisting it over your head, or carrying for distance.