5.24.12 Power Endurance, IWT

Workout 1
5 minute easy row, ride, run
3×5 Wall Squats
2×10 OHS (press hands together overhead)
3x30s Paleo Chair
Practice Thrusters (2-3 warm-up sets)
Phase I
10x BB Thrusters +
4x (20s Mountain Climber + 10s FLR) +
2:00 minutes rest
3 sets
Rest 5 minutes
Phase II
10x (5 each) Box Step-ups @ 16-24″ (Hold 2x KB in rack position) +
4x (10s Tuck Jump + 20s Quick-Step-up) OR 2:00 minute Row/Ride/Ski +
2:00 minutes rest
3 sets
Rest 5 minutes
Phase III
“Cool Down” with 15-30x Wall Walks (lay flat on the floor between each rep)
Cristian A.
Keith M.
Jamie S.
Stephen C.
Tammi J.
Jamie Bald.
Katy R.
Layne N.
Erica J.
Hebah F.
Jason A.
Wlises M.
Kevin G.
Katie B.
Erin R.
Elizabeth F.
Rachel K.
Faun C.
Joshua C.
Lavinia D.
Erin E.
Kara S.
Susan S.
Nicole C.
Carrie D.
Tony H.
Kristen B.
Loudres M.
Westin M.
Byron Y.
Leah Z.
Tom R.
Robin M.
Rob O.
Erica G.
Marissa F.
Sarah S.
Beth E.
Mariana F.
James B.
Bryan C.
Raja S.
Neil E.
Diana R.
Lee W.
Workout 2
30x Double-Unders + 
10x HSPU 
3 rounds (to warm-up)
4×5 BB SOTS Press
10x OHS @ 95# +
400m Run
5 rounds for time
3x (1-6) Pull-up Ladder
Cool Down
James R.
Chris W.
Marcus W.
Byron D.
Kian O.
Michael S.
Coach’s Comments

Prep work.












For this 2 minute interval there are standards. During the 10s of Tuck Jumps the goal is at least five reps. Also, not just any Tuck Jump will do. Explode up as high as possible and aggressively pull the knees into the stomach.













The Thruster / Mountain Climber combo is just plain mean. It gets the job done and makes one realize just how potent bodyweight exercises can be when they’re prescribed appropriately.













“Cool Down”