5.25.12 Power Endurance

Workout 1
MB Circuit, 3 rounds each player
15m each:
MB Bear Crawl +
Ball Slam/Burpee/Broad Jump +
Rock Carry +
Sprint (w/ball)
Rest while other player goes
Mini-Circuit #1
5x Two-Handed Clean +
3x Two Handed Clean +
2x Two-Handed Clean +
30s ALL-OUT Row/Ride/Ski +
60s Rest
4-5 rounds
Mini-Circuit #2
5x Man-Maker @ 2×20# DBs +
3x Man-Makers @ 2×30# DBs +
2x Man-Makers @ 2x>30# DBs +
30s ALL-OUT Row/Ride/Ski +
60s Rest
4-5 rounds
Mini-Circuit #3
8x Ball Slam @ 25# +
6x Ball Slam @ 30# +
3x Ball Slam @ 40# +
30s ALL-OUT Row/Ride/Ski +
60s Rest
4-5 rounds
Cool Down
Misti W.
Keith M.
Jamie S.
Jamie Bald.
Keith S.
Nicole B.
Chad G.
Victor R.
Andrew L.
Greg Y.
Hebah F.
Beau C.
Katie M.
Kian O.
Rob J.
Maghan M.
Wlises M.
Patrick N.
Renate L.
Amber C.
Robin M.
Brandi S.
Seth L.
Jordan C.
Ale P.
Kelli V.
Michele E.
Lelia G.
Lori M.
Jill P.
Margaret F.
Cindy B.
Talia K.
Rodney J.
Ashley M.
Will B.
Joshua C.
Shari O.
Oliver M.
Dallas N.
Natalie M.
Lavinia D.
Tim B.
Jim C.
Bobby M.
Kristen B.
Marissa F.
Stephanie F.
Cedric J.
Niko M.
Janell B.
Andrew R.
Lizzy R.
Tom R.
Rob S.
Chrissy VD.
Matt H.
Darin J.
Chrishna J.
Nic B.
Bryan C.
Adriana R.
Valerie B.
Diana R.
Workout 2
3×5 OHS @ 60%
6×8 Back Squats @ 80%
4×6 Strict Press @ 85%
10x Stiff-Legged DL + 6x Pull-ups
4 rounds
Cool Down
Back Squat, Strict Press:
Bobby M. @ 175#, 170#
Tree G. @ 135#, 115#
Coach’s Comments

Medicine Ball Bear Crawl.











During the Rock Carry the arms should be fully locked, the ball at face level. Lean back slightly to counter-balance the weight of the ball.












Rob and Niko have done very little aerobic training in the last few weeks. Today they jumped in on FYF and kicked ass. Having a training partner is critical to increasing training drive. One guy pushes hard, the other follows. It’s an atmosphere that is difficult to replicate on your own.













Bobby Cleaning the 70#s.













The end result of a job well done. Everyone brought their A-game today. I’m usually long gone by Friday at 5pm. I stayed today to coach this group and was glad I did.