5.30.12 Power Endurance

5 minute easy row, ride, ski, skip
2×20 Squats
3×10 Split Jumps
3×5 Burpees
“Coach’s 33rd Birthday Bash”
Ball Slam / Burpee Combo
15 reps @ 20# + 15x burpees
12 reps @ 30# + 12x burpees
6 reps @ 40# + 6x burpees
Go through non-stop (33 reps each exercise, each round)
Then (immediately):
100x Double-Under or 200x Singles
This is one block, do 2
Rest plenty between blocks
33 Calorie Row/Ski +
33x Split Jumps (total) +
33x KBS (M@40-45, F@25-35#) +
33x Mountain Climbers (total) +
33s FLR
4 rounds, rest a bit between rounds
Cool Down
Erica J.
Keith M.
Renate L.
Chad G.
Keith S.
Tammi J.
Greg Y.
Beau C.
Jamie B.
Jason A.
Jamie G.
Graham P.
Rob J.
Natalie M.
Brandi S.
Amber C.
Jordan C.
Faun C.
Rachel S.
Jamie S.
Kathie T.
Erica G.
Alana G.
Jill P.
Michele E.
Michelle K.
Margaret F.
Cindy B.
Erin E.
Kelly W.
Jamie Bald. 
Bob R.
Susan S.
Latissa H.
Katie W.
Tiffany R.
Talia K.
Tom R.
Steve G.
Nicole C.
Cate M.
Will B.
Marissa F.
Haani J.
Ashley C.
Tracy T.
Jim C.
Janell B.
Aubrey H.
Tim B.
Raymond H.
Vanessa H.
Nicole B.
Chrissy VD.
Marcus W.
Joshua C.
Lavinia D.
Robert AY.
Raja S.
Nic B.
Coach’s Comments

An excellent goal for double-unders is to be able do 100 in a row.











A few of the ladies took on the 40# ball today. Nice work Erin.













Completing 33 calories on the rower in less than 1:30 was a good goal for the guys; under 2:00 was the goal for the girls. It’s becoming more and more clear we need a rowing clinic. Everyone puts forth tremendous effort, but technique is terribly lacking in many cases. When it comes to rowing technique is everything.














Hold yourself to a standard on everything you do in the gym. Slop is slop. Moving fast is not always the best policy. For the mountain climbers the front foot should contact the floor so that the knee is right at the elbow.