6.5.12 Power Endurance, Interval

Workout 1
3×5 Wall Squats
2x15m Spider Lunges (hold bottom position for 3-5 sec each side)
3×6 KB Good Morning/Back Squat Combo
Hip/Spine Mobility
Phase I
12x Two-Handed KBS +
2:00 minute Row/Ride/Ski +
2:00 minutes rest
3 sets
Rest 5 minutes
Phase II
12x Front Squats +
2:00 minute Row/Ride/Ski +
2:00 minutes rest
3 sets
Rest 5 minutes
Phase III
Partner Ball Slam/Burpee
10 reps each @ 15-20# +
7 reps each @ 20-25# +
5 reps each @ 30-40#
Rest 2:00 minutes
2 sets
Cool Down
Rodney J.
Carrie D.
Amber C.
Robin M.
Beau C.
Jamie B.
Xeve S.
Nicole B.
Kevin G.
Robyn S.
Jamie Bald.
Byron D.
Keith S.
Layne N.
Katy R.
Hebah F.
Kara S.
Dallas N.
Latissa H.
Kelli V.
Jill P.
Michelle K.
Misti W.
James B.
Elizabeth F.
Susan K.
Nicole P.
Ashley M.
Will B.
Ale P.
Michelle A.
Byron Y.
Tim B.
Tiffany R.
Rachel S.
Gisela T.
Jim C.
Andrew R.
Tom R.
Lizzy R.
Rob O.
Jen H.
John V.
Tony H.
Westin M.
Lavinia D.
Raja S.
Adriana R.
Shari O.
Steve S.
Bryan C.
Stephanie F.
Mariana F.
Evan J.
Diana R.
Workout 2
Mobility work (5-10 minutes)
Work up to Heavy Narrow-Grip Hang Power Snatch
10-1 Ladder of the following:
Front Squat (clean the BB) @ 185# +
Pull-up +
Man-Maker @ 2×30# DB +
Box Jump @ 30″
Cool Down
Narrow-Grip HPS, 10-1 Circuit:
Chris W. @ 185# (w/straps),  29:40
Byron D. @ 185# (w/straps),  29:43
Marcus @ 135#, DNF (FS @ 135#)
Coach’s Comments

If you give the appropriate effort to the 2:00 minute interval this should be the result. If you get off the rower, airdyne of ski erg with a smile on your face you sold yourself short.












Decelerate, accelerate. The two-handed KBS is more demanding than using a single bell. Two 25# KBs is much different than one 50# KB.












Lizzy skiing.












Rachel riding.












The KB Good Morning/Back Squat Combo is one of my favorite hamstring warm-ups. Keep the back flat as you bend forward. Rock back onto the heels to “turn on” the hammies. Follow each Good Morning with a Back Squat. Here Jen is showing great hamstring flexibility.













Michael left the gym this evening for a 400 mile adventure. He’ll be back around this time tomorrow and we’ll be here to greet him. Good luck Michael.