6.7.12 Power Endurance

Jump Rope for 5 minutes
2×10 Shoulder Dislocates
2×10 Narrow-Grip OHS w/Dowel
4×5 KB Snatch/OHS/SOTS Press Combo (5 reps each side = 1 set)
4×20 Bulgarian Bag Halos (each direction) 
4×20 (10 each leg) Mountain Climbers
Each player collects three KBs
“Nothing but TGUs”
24x Get-up @ 20/50# 
12x Get-up @ 30/60# 
6x Get-up @ >30/70#  
Every 2:00 minutes do 5x Burpees
Cool Down
Carrie D. = 15:53
Amber C. = 12:51
Robin M. = 18:00
Latissa H. = 15:02
Jamie Bald. = 17:32
Tammi J. = 11:21
Beau C. = 17:50
Robin S. = 17:09
Erin S. = 17:53
Steven C. = 22:42
Rob E. = 15:50
Andy L. = 19:52
Chrishna J. = 20:50
Kara S. = 12:00
Steve G. = 19:09
Tricia M. = technique emphasis
Michelle K. = 19:25
Elizabeth F. – 15:45
Shari O. = 21:18
Byron Y. = 13:20
Jim C. = 11:27
Joshua C. = 19:19
Scott S. = 18:00
Andy R. = 15:48
Rachel S. = 15:50
Lizzy R. = 10:27
Tiffany R. = 21:18
Scott K. = 15:30
Lavinia D. = 19:21
Renee S. = 25:48
Laurie G. = 19:37
Steve S. = 15:46
Stephanie F. = 15:35
Cynthia P. – 15:20
Britni P. = 13:45
Bryan C. = 20:38
Mike G. = DNF
Erica G. = 19:18
Gisela T. = 15:22
Diana R. = 15:30
Wlises M. = 10:00
Mariana F. = 19:48
Sky J. = 12:55
Chris W. = 11:30
Jamie S. = 12:00
Michelle A. = 13:06
Jen H. = 7:34
Rodney J. = 13:56
Marcus W. = 14:20
Byron D. = 9:42
James R. = 10:00
Graham P. = 9:22
Ale P. = 13:00 
Coach’s Comments
I was having a conversation with a fellow trainer this morning about the luxury of being in a profession that demands physical health. My job is not only to coach health and fitness, it’s also to embody all of the qualities that create it, namely eating the best quality food, spending time and energy preparing and planning, training hard every day, getting quality sleep, etc. In many ways it’s much easier for us (coaches) because our job demands it. 
Even for me it’s hard sometimes. The effort required is often overwhelming, so much that I do occasionally skip meals, get to bed late or eat foods I wouldn’t normally eat. My point is, I understand how difficult it can be to live the principles I teach. 
I know I ask a lot of everyone who trains at the gym. I hold each of you accountable because I know what it takes to get results. I know what it takes to have abundant energy. I know what an amazing night of sleep feels like. I know the difference between a food/drink that will give me life and one that will strip me of vitality. I also hang out with other professionals in my field who understand and exemplify those very same qualities, indirectly holding me accountable for bad choices. 
Many of you are surrounded by fat, lazy, negligent debbie-downers. In fact, most of you fight an uphill battle, whether it’s friends, family, or uncontrollable circumstances that detract from your ability to live “clean.” Despite that, you give such amazing efforts. You rework and mold your lifestyle in what could only be considered an extreme way (to most) to meet the standards I have set for you. And even though the rewards of those changes and challenges are worth it, it doesn’t make them any easier to do. 
I commend all of you for your trust and loyalty to the GP ideals. Your commitment is not going unnoticed. And if I come down on you  it’s only because I see your potential and want you to see it too. In the end we only have what we are. It’s hard sometimes to maintain perspective. Those of you that are older know that neglect and poor decisions can and will rear their ugly head in the future. What we do now, today, tomorrow, and the next day are productive in that moment but even more productive for the moments we are yet to experience.
It’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind. The corporate, dog eat dog world is also all about results. Unfortunately sometimes those results come at the expense of our own health. So to those of you who fight the fight; who are winners at work, at home and in the gym; who appreciate professional victories yet still have enough self-respect to live a life that supports your health and well being above all, I admire you greatly. 
On a side note I’ve been slowly adding exercises to the exercise library page.

Going fast during the TGUs is the goal. The problem is they create quite an O2 demand. Couple that with 5x burpees every 2 minutes and it can quickly become a suck fest.