6.8.12 Power Endurance

Practice all movements below
Draw a card from a standard 52-card deck every minute.
Each suit represents an exercise (see below)
Complete the number of reps corresponding to the value of the card. All Face Cards equal 10 Reps.
Each athlete needs a set of DBs and a Heavy Kettlebell.
Deck O’ Cards
Clubs- Toes-to-Bar OR Tuck Jumps
Hearts- KB Snatch (each arm)
Spades- Split Jumps (each leg)
Diamonds- DB Clean and Jerk
All Aces – 10x Burpees
Jokers- 60s FLR
52:00 minutes total
Cool Down
Carrie D.
Latissa H.
Greg Y.
Diane M.
Xeve S.
Misti W.
Lourdes M.
Darin J.
Jennifer B.
Victor R.
Kara S.
Jamie Bald.
Bobby M.
Kian O.
Nicole B.
Keith S.
Tammi J.
Hebah F.
Sara Y.
Kevin G.
Maghan M.
Amber C.
Renate L.
Robin M.
Jordan C.
Erica G.
Marsi B.
Shari O.
Lelia G.
Jill P.
Neil E.
Erin E.
Nancy W.
Chrissy VD.
Ashley M.
Kelli V.
Will B.
Rob O.
Tim B.
Miguel R.
Jim C.
Marcus W.
Nicole C.
Lavinia D.
Joshua C.
Cedric J.
Aubrey H.
Rob E.
Robert AY.
Tiffany R.
Lizzy R.
Rob S.
John V.
Danielle D.
Adriana R.
Bryan C.
Diana R.
Coach’s Comments

When doing KB Snatches imagine there is a wall in front of you. Initiate the movement with the hips, shrug the shoulder, keep the elbow high and finish strong by punching the ceiling as the KB travels over the hand. If your timing is right the bell should “kiss” the back of the arm at the top of the movement. If it bangs or beats you up your timing is off somewhere. 













The house always wins.