6.9.12 Power Endurance

Workout 1
Warm-up with Back Toss Practice
15m Burpee/Broad Jump 
Every minute for 10 minutes
45s Work/15s Transition
Row @ <1:45/500m pace
Ski Erg @ < 1:55/500m pace
Wall Ball (20/12)
FLR in Rings
Back Toss/Sprint (30/15)
Dead Hang (every 10s do 1x Pull-up, 4 total)
4-5 rounds
Cool Down
Jordan C.
Jamie S.
Danielle D.
Kara S.
Janell B.
Miguel R.
Kristen B.
Andrew L.
Jill P.
Margaret F.
Nicole B.
Ashley C.
Tracey T.
Marissa F.
Elizabeth F.
Diane M.
Raja S.
Rachel S.
Bryan C.
Workout 2
Snatch Power Ladder
10 reps @ 45#
9 reps @ 65#
8 reps @ 75#
7 reps @ 85#
6 reps @ 95#
5 reps @ 115#
4 reps @ 135#
3 reps @ 155#
2 reps @ 185#
1 rep @ 210# 
Cool Down
Chris W. – missed 210#
James R. – missed 165#
Coach’s Comments
The weather thwarted my Green Pill/Red Pill idea so I had to shift to plan B. 45/15 circuits are always a nice option. Like most sessions they are what you make of them. Today everyone gave me a great effort. I could see they were hurting, which brings a smile to my face. When your athletes have the ability to punish themselves you know you have a good group on your hands. 

Hold yourself to a standard. Females < 2:00/500m pace. Males <1:40/500m pace.











We haven’t done Back Toss in a while. It’s one of the better power exercises that doesn’t require a ton of technique. Pick the ball up, bend your knees, keep you back flat, and throw the ball over your head as far as possible.














Doing Wall Ball for 45s straight is not easy, especially with the right ball. Lavinia here using the 14#.













Going from Man-Maker to Ski Erg to Wall Ball to FLR was potent. The Ski Erg is everyone least favorite. There’s a reason why.













Simple and effective.












My baby.