6.11.12 Strength

5 minute easy row, ride, skip
2×10 Shoulder Dislocates
3×10 KBS 
3×10 Split Jumps
3×5 Tuck Jump
Pull-up Drop Sets (pronted-grip)
3x Weighted Pull-up @ BW + 60# (must reach failure on 3rd rep)
Rest 15s
1-2x Pull-up @ BW + 50#
Rest 15s
1-2x Pull-up @ BW + 45#
Rest 3-5 minutes
4 sets
1-10 Team Box Jump Ladder
3x(1-6) Step-up Ladder (Hold 2x KB in Rack Position)
Rest 2 minutes between sets
Work up on Sumo DL
Sumo DL
Cool Down
Beau C.
Tammi J.
Chris S.
Joey G.
Victor R.
Diane M.
Cristian A.
Michelle A.
Hebah F.
Jennifer B.
Kara S.
Darin J.
Renate L.
Erin E.
Sara Y.
Amber C.
Robin M.
Jordan C.
Lelia G.
Rob J.
Bobby M.
Britni P.
Jill P.
Talia K.
Valerie B.
Nicole C.
Dana K.
Margaret F.
Cindy B.
Jen H.
Will B.
Catherine D.
Rodney J.
Cedric J.
Carrie D.
Byron Y.
Joshua C.
Susa K.
Rob E.
Jim C.
Miguel R.
Rachel S.
Janell B.
Nicole B.
Lavina D.
Rob O.
Crystal S.
Marcus W.
Ashley C.
Bryan C.
Adriana R.
Steve G.
Cynthia P.
Mariana F.
Tiffany R.
Rob S.
Chrishna J.
Raja S.
Diana R.
Chrissy VD. 

Rodney doing triples with 315# at the end of today’s workout. Note the nice new GP logo in the top left of the platform. We put the platforms in yesterday and should have them completely glued down by the end of the week.













This is how you do a Box Step-up. Drive through the top leg, chest high, trail leg fairly inactive.













One man works while the other, well…works. Interestingly enough the Box Step-up seems like more of a rest than the Rack Hold. The Rack Hold gives one more time to think, to occupy the mind with self-defeat and pain. I like this combo a lot. Not because it’s a good leg exercise, but because it’s a good mind exercise.