6.12.12 Power Endurance

Workout 1 (video below)
Tag Team
P1 6x Burpee/Box Jump + 150m R0w
P2 Rest
12 minute amrap
P1 10x Full Moon (each direction) + 3x Heavy Rope Pull/Sprint
P2 Rest
12 minute amrap
P1 8x KB Clean and Jerk + 150m Ski 
P2 Rest
12 minute amrap
P1 10x Close-Grip Bench Press + 15 Calorie Sprint on Airdyne 
P2 Rest
12 minute amrap
Fall Down
Lourdes M.
Vanesa H.
Raymond H.
Elizabeth F.
Amber C.
Robin M.
Carrie D.
Katy R.
Layne N.
Erica J.
Robyn S.
Hebah F.
Keith S.
Rebecca P.
Byron D.
Kara S.
Tammi J.
Erin E.
Anna S.
Westin M.
Nicole C.
Tricia M.
Kelli V.
Rodney J.
Nancy W.
Rob J.
Erica G.
Jamie S.
Jamie Bald.
Katie W.
Anya B.
Will B.
Byron Y.
Nicole M.
Wlises M.
Aaron W.
Jen H.
Tracy T.
Tim B.
Scott K.
Janell B.
Gisela T.
Jim C.
Tom R.
Rachel S.
Ashley M.
Ashley C.
Robert AY.
Lavina D.
Nic B.
Mary S.
Stephane F.
Marissa F.
Marsi B.
Kim B.
Joe B.
Cynthia P.
Mariana F.
Lee W.
Laura M.
Raja S.
Diana R.
Workout 2
Get warm
3x500m Ski (increase speed each set)
Rest as needed between efforts
5x HSPU +
10x KB Snatch (each arm) M@45#, F@30# +
15x Toes-to-Bar +
Rd 1 10x Double Unders
Rd 2 20x Double Unders 
Rd 3 30s Double Unders 
Rd 4 40x Double Unders 
Rd 5 50x Double Unders
5 rounds for time
3×6-10 Ring Dips
3s pause at the top of each rep
Cool Down
Marcus (sub Wall Ball for TTB) – 16:53
Chris W. – 13:32
Byron D. – 12:20
James R. – 14:28
Rodney J. – 15:38
Michelle A. – 18:10
Joe L. – 21:05
Workout 3
4×3 OHS @ 87%
4×2 Snatch Balance @ 93%
3×2 Behind-the-Neck (BTN) Push Jerk
4×2 Rack Pull
Rob S. – OHS @ 205#, Snatch Balance @ 185#, BTN Push Jerk @ 205#
Workout 4
Work up on Front Squat (8,8,7)
Front Squat
7-5-3 Wave  
Increase load 4-5% on second wave
Rest 3-5 minutes
8x DL @ 2/1/2/1 Tempo +
6x (each) Box Step-up (Hold 2x KB in FC position) +
8x Pull-ups @ 2/1/2/1 Tempo
4 rounds  
Rest 1-2 minutes
Cool down w/ shoulder stability work
Aubrey H. – Last FS Wave 90#, 95#, 100#, DL @ 125#
Workout 5
5×5 Back Squat
5×4 Bench Press
6×3 SDL
Bobby M. – B.S. @ 185# + Chains, Bench @ 225# + chains, SDL @ 315#


Workout 6
BB Complex:
DL +
Hang Power Snatch +
Heaving Drop Snatch
5 rounds, 1-2 minute rest
5×4 Front Squat
Rest 2-3 minutes
8x DL +
8x Back Squat Jumps 45# 2/1/x/1 Tempo +
8/8 Tire slams (Alternating) 
5 rounds
Rest 3-4 minutes
Nicole B. – 4 Rep Front Squat @ 115#, 8 Rep DL @ 135#


Workout 7
BB Complex:
DL +
Hang Power Clean +
Front Squat +
Push press
5 rounds, 1-2 minute rest
5×6 Back Squat @ 2/2/x/1 Tempo
3-4 Minutes Rest
4x Push Press +
8x (each) SA Bench Row
5 rounds
2-4 minute rest
Chrissy VD. –  6 Rep Back Squat @ 85#, 4 Rep Push-press @ 65#




The advantage of Close-Grip Bench Press is it transfers well to Push Press. The better your Close-Grip Bench the better your Push Press.











Keep the back flat, unlock the hips, and pull. Use the entire body, not just the arms.











Create momentum in the bottom and ride it overhead. The arms stay straight and uncrossed. One of my favorite core exercises we do in the gym. It’s dynamic. It’s fast. It’s everything a core exercise should be.

























If you’re not use to training with chains it’s a great way to shock the system. Even 3-4 consecutive workouts with chains is enough to add 5% to any lift.
























Jen came out strong on the first circuit. Maybe too strong considering there were three more to do. It’s important to calibrate your effort in the context of the entire workout. Shorter workouts allow for more intensity. Longer ones require you to down shift and find a rhythm you can sustain for the duration.