6.18.12 Power Endurance, Strength

3×5 Wall Squats
2×20 Squats
2×8 Good Morning/Back Squat Combo (at the bottom of the GM go into a back squat, return to standing)
2×20-30s Paleo Chair (close hamstring crease, lumbar spine neutral)
7x burpees 
EMOM for 11 mins
5x Man-Maker + 15m Lunge +
4x Man-Maker + 15m Lunge +
3x Man-Maker + 15m Lunge +
2x Man-Maker + 15m Lunge +
1x Man-Maker + 15m Lunge
Hold DBs throughout set
Rest plenty, 2 sets
Work up on Back Squat
Back Squat 
Cool Down
Danielle D.
Jamie W.
Erica J.
Niko M.
Chris S.
Xeve S.
Jamie Bald.
Michelle A.
Renate L.
Keith S.
Miguel R.
Hebah F.
Layne N.
Katy R.
Amber C.
Kara S.
Tammi J.
Jamie Berk
Rob J.
Nic T.
Robin M.
Jordan C.
Talia K.
Erica G.
Wlises M.
Alana G.
Cindy B.
Margaret F.
Valiere B.
Dana K.
Kathie T.
Latissa H.
Sky J.
Jen H.
Tim B.
Patrick N.
Katie W.
Crystal S.
Carrie D.
Marcus W.
Lavinia D.
Steve S.
Leah Z.
Scott K.
Lizzy R.
Jim C.
Nicole P.
Tom R.
Rachel S.
Nicole B.
Rob O.
Ashley C.
Joshua C.
Joe B.
Bobby M.
Bryan A.
Haani J.
Dmitri M.
Mary S.
John V.
Mariana F.
Robert AY.
Rob S.
Adriana R.
Diana R.
Lee W.
Coach’s Comments

You know you’re in for a treat when the warm-up beats you down. Most of the time the warm up is intended to prepare the athlete for the work ahead, slowly and progressively. Other times the “warm-up” is a psychological beat down intended to question whether you should stay or leave. 

















I grabbed this photo from James’s page. It’s a good one.