6.19.12 Strength

Get warm
2×20 Squat
5×10 KBS (progressive loading)
3×5 Tuck Jumps
Spinal Mobility
Deadlift Strength Ladder
10 reps
9 reps
8 reps
7 reps
6 reps
5 reps
4 reps
3 reps
2 reps
1 rep
Increase load each set until you hit a heavy single
Cool Down with Wall Walks (10-20, depending on athlete ability)
Heavy Single:
Raymond H. @ 285# PR
Vanessa H. @ 145# PR
Carrie D. @ 25# PR
Amber C. @ 175# PR
Danielle D. @ 145# PR
Robin @ 145# PR
Byron D. @ 455#
Beau C. @  335#
Keith S. @ 215#
Keith M. @ 215#
Cristian A. @ 215# PR
Kara S. @ 195# PR
Robyn S. @ 205# PR
Hebah F. @ 150# PR
Jen B. @ 160# PR
Stephen C. @ 215# PR
Jamie Bald. @ 185# PR
Kristen B. @ 115# technique emphasis
Erica G. @ 205# PR
Talia K. @ 160# PR
Nicole P. @ 145# PR
Michelle K. @ 160# PR
Nancy W. @ 65# technique emphasis
Anya B. @ 145#
Rob J. @ 285# PR
Oliver M. @ 285# PR
Ale P. @ 225# PR
Susan K. @ 245#
Nicole P. @ 225# PR
Latissa H. @ 225# PR
Cedric J. @ 455#
Rodney J. @ 405#
James R. @ 375#
Tony H. @ 385# PR
Byron D. @ 415# PR
Tom R. @ 245# PR
Josh C. @ 415# PR
Renee S. @ 165#
Scott S. @ 190# 
Ashley C. – took it easy
Lizzy R. @ 195#
Rachel S. @ 155# 
Lavinia D. @ 180#
Erin S. @ 155# PR
Jim C. (sub Strict Press) @ 175#
Raja S. @ 295#
Stephanie F. @ 155#
Cynthia P. @ 60#
Tiffany R. @ 75#
Robert AY. @ 305#
Marianna F. @ 155#
Kim B. @ 55#
Marsi B. @ 55#
Evan J. @ 205#
Marissa F. @ 215#
Mary S. @ 155#
Coach’s Comments
I had a bad day today until I sat down to work on this post. There were a lot of personal records in the gym today and that put a big smile on my face. I’m am extremely pleased with everyone’s progress. I spent the weekend reading a lot about training, programming, exercises, and philosophy during my down time and on airplanes.
The take home message at the end of the day is simple: there is no magic bullet. The Bulgarians had their way. Crossfitters have theirs. Strongmen have theirs. Strength coaches have theirs. They all get results. I’ve been doing this for over 15 years. Every 2-3 years I make fairly monumental shifts in my thinking and programming, yet continue to see people make huge gains no matter which line of thinking I’ve adopted at the time. Perhaps when you convince people they’re capable of more, no matter which tools and techniques you use, that’s all they really need.
I read something yesterday about changing one’s mentality about themselves and how powerful that simple act can be. If we can somehow begin to view ourselves as the person we ultimately want to become, perhaps the path is made more fluid and clear. I suspect many of you already do that and GP has made a reputation for pushing the envelope. Each small gain in ability produces a two-fold increase in confidence. Confidence and positive self-image can be the most powerful tool of all; more proven than complex loading techniques, drops sets or clusters. 
Just a good old-fashion belief in yourself. 

Erica cracked the 200# mark today. We’ll miss her when she leaves for college. She’s taken her training to the next level this summer.











Case and point: 36″ box jump. 30 reps.











Byron topped out at 415#.











Wall walks are a great way to get people comfortable going upside down. The standard is chest to the wall and back to the floor again. However, if an inverted position is scary or too difficult scale back how far you travel up the wall. Eventually you’ll get to the top with practice.