6.20.12 Power Endurance

5 minutes to sweat
3×5 Wall Squat
2×10 Shoulder Dislocates
5×10 KB Snatch (progressive loading)
Shoulder Mobility (5-10 minutes)
5x KB Strict Press +
3x KB Push Press +
2x KB Push Jerk
3 sets (to warm-up)
Bear Complex (strength-emphasis)
4x KB Clean +
4x KB Front Squat +
4x KB Push Press/Jerk +
30s Rack Hold +
1x Pull-up +
60s Rest
Continue to 8x Pull-up
P1 100m All-out Row/Ski 
P2 Rest
Switch, 5 rounds
Cool Down
Jamie W.
Erica J.
Chris S.
Robin M.
Xeve S.
Beau C.
Graham P.
Cody G.
Jennifer B.
Renate L.
Kian O.
Keith S.
Kara S.
Tammi J.
Jamie Berk
Chris W.
Keith M.
Dave H.
Jamie G.
Seth L.
Sara Y.
Rob J.
Brandi S.
Jordan C.
Jen H.
Lelie G.
Alana G.
Talia K.
Cindy B.
Margaret F.
Dana K.
Kathie T.
Michelle K.
Michele E.
Jill P.
Robina S.
Latissa H.
Nicole B.
Katie M.
Katie W.
Carrie D.
Jamie S.
Joshua C.
Susan K.
Lavina D.
Kristen B.
Tim B.
Leah Z.
Janell B.
Sara R.
Jim C.
Tom R.
Rachel S.
Rob O.
Tiffany R.
Catherine D.
Marissa F.
John V.
Lee W.
Elise L.
Nic B.
Mariana F.
Joe B.
Chrissy VD.
Coach’s Comments

Any time efficiency is the goal kipping pull-ups are recommended. Strict Pull-ups are great for developing maximal strength, but kipping allows for higher volume work to be done. Kian has been working on his and seemed better today. When the need for efficiency arises sometimes we figure it out in the moment.













Someone asked me today which “muscle” the rack hold works. I told them (smirking), “the one in your head.”












The aftermath…