6.22.12 Endurance, Power Endurance

Workout 1 (Green Pill – Endurance)

“10,000 Excuses”
10,000m row
Every 5 minutes do 30x Wall Ball (M@12#, F@8#)
Record time
10,000m Row:
Rob S. = 53:43
Dave H. = 57:00
Jamie G. = 54:35
Renate L. = 57:40
Keith M. = 1:07:30
Talia K. = DNF
Kian O. = 55:30
Rob J. = 1:03:21
Misti W. = 56:11
Anya B. = 1:07:46
Jamie Bald. = 1:09:57
Rachel S. (sub 15x Burpees) = 1:11
Aaron W. = 58:28
Marcus W. = 58:00
Rob O. = 1:07:15
Patrick N. = DNF
Lizzy M. = 1:02:23
Joshua C. = 1:04:19
Tony H. = 1:12:32
Lavinia D. = 1:14:11
8,000m Row:
Victor R. = 52:50
Joey G. = 53:54
Jamie W. = 1:03:15
Nicole C. (sub Ball Slam) = 1:02:21
Dana K. = 58:53
Michele E. = 1:05:48
Andy L. = 57:53
Katie M. = 57:00
Workout 2 (Red Pill – Strength)
Get warm
3×5 Wall Squats
3×10 Split Jumps
Front Squat Prep work (5-8 minutes)
100x Heavy Lunges (Hold KBs in FC position)
Front Squats
Increase load as sets decrease
This is one block
Do 3
Rest plenty between sets
7x “Koji” Bench Press (attach two different KBs to each side of the bar) +
60m Heavy Farmer’s Carry
5 rounds (not for time)
Cool Down
Tammi J.
Amber C.
Cody G.
Jennifer B.
Jen H.
Elizabeth F.
Seth L.
Graham P.
Sara Y.
Jordan C.
Dallas N.
Lelia G.
Cindy B.
Erin E.
Danielle D.
John V.
Bryan C.
Raja S.
Elise L.
Mariana F.
Nic B.
Adriana R.
Diana R.
Coach’s Comments

Adding the KBs to the ends of the barbell creates a unique experience. The first two sets take getting use to. By the fourth and fifth sets it almost gets easier as the athlete’s nervous system adapts to the demand.













Chase each set of Bench Press with a heavy set of farmer’s carry. Tax the pressing muscles with the bench, thrash the grip with the carries. The perfect compliment.













We were less democratic today than usual. The last two Fridays we’ve let our athletes choose whether they want to do endurance or strength-based programs that day. Today we chose for them. Needless to say few were thrilled about the idea of doing 10,000 Excuses. It’s a total mind fuck, but worth it in the end.

When you go hard it always hurts.