6.25.12 Power Endurance, Interval

5 minutes easy row, ride, run
30/15 Jump Warm-up:
Square Left Hop
Square Right Hop
For/Back Hop
Lateral Hop
“X” Jumps (see photo)
Split Jumps
Windmill/Goblet Squat Combo (for mobility)
“Tabata This”
20s Work/10s Rest of the following:
KB Snatch (L) +
KB Snatch (R) +
Burpees +
“Jump” Ball Slam +
Barrier Hops (over KB) +
Mountain Climbers +
Split Jumps +
Double Unders
8 rounds (consecutive)
Cool Down
Cristian A.
Chris S.
Niko M.
Erin S.
Joey G.
Victor R.
Dana K.
Latissa H.
Diane M.
Tammi J.
Erica J.
Hebah F.
Jamie Bald. 
Kian O.
Michelle A.
Amber C.
Fiona M.
Jen H.
Kara S.
Renate L.
Graham P.
Rob J.
Erin R.
Brandi S.
Lelia G.
Robin M.
Cindy B.
Sara R.
Margaret F.
Valerie B.
Nicole C.
Steve S.
Robyn S.
Cedric J.
Rodney J.
Nancy W.
Susan K.
Misti W.
Talia K.
Aaron W.
Nicole M.
Michele K.
Jamie S.
Robert O.
Kristen B.
Crsytal S.
Carrie D.
Katie W.
Joshua C.
Andrew R.
Miguel R.
Jim C.
Tracy T.
Scott K.
Janell B.
Lizzy M.
Nicole P.
Marcus W.
Nicole B.
Vanessa H.
Raymond H.
Ashley C.
Bryan A.
Bryan C.
John V.
Mary S.
Mariana F.
Rob S.
Aubrey H.
Tiffany R.
Mike G.
Erica G.
Raja S.
Lee W.
Diana R.
Nic B.
Adriana R.
Coach’s Comments
We had our first look at the next phase of the website this afternoon. Meetings will continue later this week, with hopes that in the next few weeks you’ll be logging into the website and viewing it from a whole new perspective. 

You don’t realize just how dynamic the “X” jump is until you capture it in mid-flight.











The Windmill is a great diagnostic exercise. It’s easy to spot people with locked up hips, less-than-optimal shoulder mobility, and overall poor flexibility. The test can then become the exercise. With practice it can and will improve. With practice…












As fatigue mounts it’s important to keep the KB close. A common mistake is letting the bell fly out in front. This lengthens the lever arm significantly and throws off timing. Often times we figure it out by necessity.













A devastating version of Ball Slam. Jump Ball Slam gets difficult fast. Perfect for a 20s interval.